Junior Wrangler Program

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Become a Junior Wrangler

Younger guests who are interested in developing a deeper relationship with their horses are encouraged to take part in our Junior Wrangler Program. Children that choose to participate in this program will join the wranglers and kids counselors at the barn on Tuesday morning for an extended orientation program that will include ground work and grooming and saddling their horses. Junior Wranglers will head back to the barn on Wednesday morning to tack up their mount and apply what they learned on Tuesday while in the saddle. This may include an introduction to gymkhana games and even synchronized riding. Thursday will find Junior Wranglers on a lunch ride where they will enjoy time playing games while on horseback and practicing some of their new skills. We encourage parents to join us at the arena on Friday afternoon as the Junior Wranglers show off their new skills! This will include cattle penning, gymkhana games and a synchronized riding demonstration. Each Junior Wrangler will be presented with an award at the end of the week.

We suggest children be at least 10 years old to participate in the program. As always, younger buckaroos will plenty of riding opportunities throughout the week.