As I write this the snow is still falling on the Elk River Valley – reminder that the winters here are long and deep with snow. Guests had the opportunity to experience a wonderland filled with enjoyment and snowy activity like nowhere else. We’ve captured the essence of this on a just released Winter Video. Check it out!

This winter we hosted the inaugural Home Ranch Round-Up Nordic Race. It was a grueling 45K skate across our meadows and over hills deemed to be the most challenging race in the country. The elite racers loved it. We did offer a 15K and 7K for the more sane skiers. Due to its success and feedback from participants, the Round-Up will be an annual event in March, which will grow and attract racers from across the country. The event made for a fun and exciting weekend for our guests.
Along with Easter also came the start of ‘Mud Season’. The huge snowpack is a harbinger of another beautiful summer in the Rockies. The heavyHorseback Riding Vacations at Colorado Dude Ranch spring runoff will ensure that lush green valleys and mountain wildflowers will be forthcoming. Abundant water and the reservoir of snow on the high peaks means healthy horses grazing in our pastures, smiling gardeners working in our Farm, boasting fly-fishers in our streams and contentment amongst all of our fortunate guests that can be here this Summer.
We will work through this muddy season and prepare the Ranch for our visitors. As we transition from mud to green, we will welcome a special bunch of Ranch Hands. Our 2nd annual Ranch Work Week kicks off in early May. Guests will join in with wrangler alumni and our staff to work on numerous Spring projects. Fun and good food and drink will be had as well. Tim and Barb Assman will lead the entertainment along with the talented musician and horsewomen Elana James coming off tour with her Western Swing group Hot Club of Cowtown. Special musical guest that week will be Meridian Green of Parsons Green Band and daughter of legendary Greenwich Village folk artist Bob Gibson. This star-studded line up will be joined by our resident musical artists Dawn and Mike Moon and good neighbor Larry Gulley on Concertina. We’ve only a few accommodations left. Give us a call to reserve your spot.
From that auspicious opening, we proceed into Summer and the joy of welcoming and hosting our returning families and those first timers to experience the place and spirit that we call Home.
See you real soon,