New Sleigh Bells Ring at The Home Ranch

The Home Ranch is proud to announce the addition of our new team for the winter season!  These Percheron mares are 12 years old and have been driving for the majority of their lives.  They arrived at the ranch about two weeks ago and have been doing wonderfully! With the addition of the new team, we are in need of two new names.  The ranch staff members have come up with a few favorites but are having a difficult time deciding which names to pick.  Traditionally, the name of the horse on the left always comes first in the alphabet and the horse on the right has a name that comes after.  So if you have a team named Rocky and Smokey you would know that Rocky should be placed on the left and Smokey should be hitched up on the right.  Some of you may be asking yourselves why [...]

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Teddy Bear ~ November 2011

We asked one of our guests, Mary Hopkins, to help us with this month's horse of the month. She has been visiting the ranch for a number of years and always asks to ride Teddy Bear.  The following is what she had to say about 'Teddy.' Teddy Bear has been at The Home Ranch for about 7 years. He is a big, beautiful black bay with a kind heart and a gentle spirit. His gaits are wonderful from his energetic walk, to his smooth jog trot, his big trot and his enormous, energetic lope. Teddy is a joy to ride. Hi is a curious horse and notices everything around him. He loves to be groomed and is very friendly. Teddy's best friend is Izzy, a beautiful Palomino mare. Where you see one, you usually see the other.

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Rigger ~ May 2011

One of the first horses to greet you as you approach our herd is Rigger.  Rigger is a four year old bay and a good representative of the Canadian Sport Horse.  For his age, Rigger is a very willing and reliable guest horse with a playful and curious personality.  True to his breed, he is very athletic and loves going out for trail rides.  Canadian Sport Horses are known for their ability to excel in Olympian disciplines including jumping, dressage, and three day eventing.  Rigger’s breed was first used in World War I and derives from a combination of the common Canadian farm horse and the Thoroughbred.   These magnificent horses are typically more muscular than Thoroughbreds, have thicker legs, and average about 16 hands tall at the withers (one “hand” is about four inches).  Like the sound of Rigger?  Check out the details of our Weanling Week and Canadian Sport [...]

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Wednesday Night at this Colorado Dude Ranch

In today’s world we move so fast and are so entwined with our BlackBerries and iPhones, that folks are caught off guard when they join us for our Wednesday Night barn dance.  It is truly a time of celebration. Guests of all ages and the energetic staff gather upstairs in our old wooden barn.  There is a live band and an enchanting energy. Dance has always played an important role in our country, especially in rural areas.  It truly is in the spirit of community, and you can feel it at our ranch on Wednesday nights. Square dancing originated in New England.  It was a combination of many dances brought over from Europe.  A favorite at the ranch is the Virginia Reel.  Reels came to us from Scotland.  For more information on the history of square dancing go to Come join us this summer for a unique experience.  As [...]

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To Stand or Not to Stand?

This article was originally published October 27, 1997 by our General Manager Johnny Fisher.  We would love to have your opinion on the subject.  Please look for another article on urination in the coming months. Let’s not beat around the bush.  Why do you stand up in the saddle when your horse is urinating?  Although this question may sound humorous, what is probably more humorous is that I have developed an obsession with this question. I operate a guest ranch in Colorado, so already my sanity comes into question. It all started about 10 years ago. We had a new wrangler from Virginia.  This woman had an incredible resume with numerous credentials in the horse industry.  She was giving instruction to a group when one of the horses started urinating.  “Stand up! Stand up!” she cried.  The befuddled guest remained motionless.  “Stand up in the stirrups when your horse is [...]

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The Last Days of Winter?

As the days get longer and warmer, I find myself torn between wishing for more snow and praying for warm sunny days to melt the snow. I know it sounds like the answer should be easy after five months of winter, but it’s not. There is nothing like a fresh groomed trail, or untouched hillside, when you stop and take in the vista in front of you and the beautiful tracks that you made behind you. Whether you are skate skiing around Lodwick Loop, making tele turns in the backcountry or cross country skiing around the ranch, new snow means great skiing and trail conditions – no one can argue with that. […]

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Reno ~ March 2011

Here is Kelly on his favorite horse, Reno. Reno is a registered quarter horse that was born at the ranch.  He spent his early days on Kelley’s dad’s ranch – Sand Mountain Cattle Company.  Reno was used on the cattle ranch and worked hard in tough country.  When Kelly joined us here at the Home Ranch, he and his buddy reunited.

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Horse Yoga Retreat

Cowgirl Tammy Pate and Equestrian Yoga teacher Janice Baxter have created an all inclusive Women's Horse Yoga Retreat. This intimate and innovative retreat combines the centering practice of Janice's Equestrian Yoga instruction with Tammy's distinctive approach to teaching horsemanship. Previous yoga and horseback riding experience are not required to enjoy this retreat. Tammy and Janice's weeklong retreat is offered during exclusive weeks in May and October. In 2015, we will offer three Women's Only Retreats. The dates for the Women's Only Retreats are: May 24 - 30, October 4 - 10 and October 11 - 17.

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Steamboat Pilot-Lodwick Challenge

Steamboat Springs — Dennis Lodwick offered a little race strategy at The Home Ranch on Sunday morning. Figuring that if anyone knows how to get the best of Lodwick’s son, Todd, in a cross-country ski race, it would be the old man, so I slipped Dennis a $5 bill and whipped out my reporter’s notebook, preparing to take detailed notes. “Start out slow, and then taper off,” Dennis whispered in my ear. Click for Full Arcticle February 15, 2011

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A Break in the Storm

As I skied yesterday, I was trying to compose this post, but I couldn’t decide what to write about…it is no different this morning. So I apologize if my thoughts are all over the place. It was a beautiful day – the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the bluebird sky, which meant that it was cold.   I thought that I would just enjoy the views from indoors, but then I saw the groomer making its way around the South Meadow.  Even a cross country skier can’t resist freshly groomed trails and the opportunity to make first tracks. Those that put on their skis and snowshoes and braved the below zero wind chill, were rewarded with pristine trails and breathtaking views. As I scooted along the bottom of the meadow I was tempted to turn around and return to the warmth of the house and Grayson’s toothless [...]

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