Poncho The Home Ranch Burro Celebrated 35 Years

Poncho the Home Ranch Burro 35th Birthday A birthday party for a burro?  Seriously?  Yes, Poncho the burro is usually the first critter you see when you drive into The Home Ranch.  He has the run of the place and he's a favorite, even though he is a bit like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. He's been acting as gatekeeper and welcome wagon to Home Ranch guests for years.  On August 26th we helped him celebrate his 35th birthday.  Ranch Manager and Wrangler, Michael Moon, even wrote a song in honor of the occasion.  Poncho wasn't totally thrilled with his birthday hat but he decided his Birthday Carrot Cake was alright. Poncho's buddy and horse companion Fuzzy, all his favorite wranglers guests and staffed joined the party at The Home Ranch campfire.  Poncho doesn't usually like a fuss but he was cooperative.  He usually likes his crowd limited to one or [...]

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The Home Ranch Round-Up 2017 – Results

It was a perfect day for a ski race. We would like to thank everyone that joined us for the Second Annual Home Ranch Round-Up. 45K Women - Glenda Lainis (3rd), Heather Gollnick (1st), Jennifer Grant (2nd) 45K Men - Shawn Scholl (3rd), Tyler Scholl (1st), Jeff Paulson (2nd) 15K Men- Chris Marcione (1st), Geoff Quinter (2nd), Dave Mark (3rd) 15K Women - Deborah Rose (1st - not pictured) Denise Snow (2nd) 7K Men - Benjamin King (1st), Charlie Thomas (2nd) 7K Women - Lillian Miller (1st), Paula Engel (2nd), Nora McKay (3rd)                   1K Kids - Jeremy Kline (1st), Petra Paulson (2nd)                           Find the full results here. We look forward to having you join [...]

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Experience Owen Roe with Us, at The Home Ranch

Winemaker David O'Reilly of Owen Roe Visits The Home Ranch A Weekend of Wine Pairings, Tastings, Skiing & Luxury We are excited to announce our second vintner event.  We hope you will join us for a wonderful weekend getaway, with David O'Reilly, of Owen Roe. There will be tastings, pairings, an abundance of outdoor activities, such as skiing, snowshoeing, tubing, sleigh rides, ample opportunity to relax and plenty of amazing cuisine, all suited to be paired specifically with Owen Roe Wine. We hope to see you here- space is limited. Owen Roe Weekend Itinerary Saturday, March 1 Arrivals 6:00 PM Meet and Greet hour with David O'Reilly and The Home Ranch chefs. 7:00 PM Dinner with 3 - 4 entrée choices and an Owen Roe wine list. Sunday, March 2 Ski and play during the day, followed by wine tasting and dinner with David O'Reilly. 5:00 PM A ‘classroom style’ [...]

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Dude Ranch or Guest Ranch?

Evander Berry Wall, a New York socialite, was dubbed "King of the Dudes." He is pictured (1888) in the New York American newspaper at the time of the "battle of the Dudes".   Last month I attended the Colorado Dude & Guest Ranch Association meeting in Denver. This is always a great time for ranchers to get together and talk about what is new in the industry, how their past season was and what their upcoming season looks like, but mostly what is on their minds. This year we discussed staffing, marketing and what really is the difference between a Dude Ranch and a Guest Ranch. Over the past month, I have continued to think about this. Is The Home Ranch classified as a dude ranch or guest ranch? Should we be classified as one or the other? What makes you one versus the other?  The other day, [...]

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Reflecting on Winter

As we wind down our winter season, it is always time to reflect. We had a very nice winter and want to thank all of our guests that joined us and made for a wonderful season. It is so nice to chat by the fire in our dining room at night. The plates that are so beautifully presented and taste so great - it's hard to beat. Thank you to Clyde, Craig, James, JD, David, Anne and of Course, Shannon for the wonderful pastries and desserts. We will be saying goodbye to Mike, Mark, Alec and Leslie 'til next winter. We are so proud of our ski guides. Their knowledge and skill makes our ski and snowshoe program one of a kind. It was a cold winter, but we had great snow all winter. Thank you, ski guides. When you check in, you are greeted with a big smile - We thank Selina, Nikki and Laura for that. The folks at our front desk truly get your vacation started on the right foot. Kelly and his new team of Percherons have been a lot of fun to watch. Kelly was also riding right up to the end of the season...

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Tree Trimming

Our employees have been getting back into the 'grind' here at the ranch, but of course they’ve been enjoying our 30 km of groomed cross country skiing and a little holiday cheer. Our annual tree trimming party (decorating, not cutting!) was this past weekend, and we were able to welcome some new comers to our crew while we beautified the lodge for the holidays. We may have decorated the main tree but each of our cabins has its own tree and ornaments for the guests to decorate. The Home Ranch is definitely one of the most beautiful winter getaways that I’ve ever been to and now I’ve made it not only a seasonal place, but my permanent home. Come join us for your next all-inclusive holiday treat for you and your family...

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What to Wear Cross Country Skiing

It's always hard to pack for vacation when you've never been there, you don't know what to expect. Visiting The Home Ranch is no different. For many visitors, this is your first time on a cross country ski vacation. So, I asked the experts (the guides) what they wear when they ski. Here is what Mark wears when he cross country skis Socks: Point 6 Base Layer Bottoms: Patagonia Midweight (Recycled Threads) Outer Layer Bottom: Patagonia Guide Pants Base Layer Top: Smartwool Lightweight Outer Layer Top: Smartwool HowelsenSweater Soft Shell Jacket: Outdoor Research Credo (for most days) Puffy Jacket: Patagonia Puffy Sweater (for the really cold days) Gloves: Black Diamond Guide Gloves Hat: Ibex Sunglasses: Smith Polorized We hope this helps as you begin packing for you next cross country skiing trip at The Home Ranch!

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Window On The River – A New Book Of Poetry By Our Very Own Ann Stranahan

Over the years, a few of our Home Ranch guests and staff have been privy to the fact that Home Ranch co-founder Ann Stranahan is a very fine poet; but Ann’s poetry has always been something of a rare treat, shared on special occasions, and heard or read by a fortunate few. No longer... We are very delighted to announce that Antrim House Books of Connecticut has recently published “Window on the River,” a new book of poetry by our very own Ann Stranahan. Previewers of the book have been captivated by the discovery of Ann’s new work. Carol J. Pierman has noted that “to read these poems is to find sense in the incomprehensible, delight in the unexpected.” Molly Newman writes that Stranahan “is a natural storyteller, and a keen, often witty witness to the human condition."  Barbara Cawthorne Crafton has said “Ann Stranahan writes poems that manage to [...]

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Yoga & Cross Country Skiing Weekend

The Home Ranch is teaming up with local yoga instructor Jill Barker and cross country skiing coach Chrissy Lynch again in 2012 for a weekend of fun, yoga and cross country skiing.  The ranch will be hosting Barker and Lynch January  6 - 8, 2012.  The rate for the weekend will be $300 plus 3.9% tax and 15% service charge. This rate includes lodging, meals, yoga, cross country skiing, instruction, equipment, and shuttles to and from the Hayden airport. We hope that you will be able to join us for this exciting weekend. Please call Ashleigh or Selina for more information, 970-879-1780. Here is a tentative schedule for the weekend and some additional information about Jill and Chrissy. Friday, January 6 Arrive and settle in/ free time 6:30 Cocktails 7 Dinner Saturday, January 7 7-8 Morning yoga 8-9 Breakfast 10-12 Ski 12 -lunch 2:30-3:30 ski 4-5 yoga 7 dinner Sunday, [...]

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