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Gear Up for Winter with The Home Ranch

Plan your Colorado mountain vacation at The Home Ranch, Relais & Chateaux, just outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Stay closer to home this winter travel season and live the life of a rancher at Colorado’s only Relais & Chateaux luxury guest ranch. Many valued-added packages and all-inclusive rates are available throughout our winter season. The Home Ranch is a winter paradise off-the-beaten-path, complete with attentive service and approachable, yet refined cuisine by Chef Jonathon Gillespie. Chef creates his alpine menus daily from the bounty of our working farm and greenhouse. A fine equine program is another pinnacle of The Home Ranch experience, coupled with an array of other adventures that awaits your entire family: skiing, winter horseback riding, sleigh rides, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, dog sledding and, everyone’s favorite, the tubing hill. Welcome Home! Christmas and New Year’s On-Ranch For decades, the holidays have been a favorite time of year to experience [...]

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“Home On the Range” – 360 Magazine West Home Style Magazine

Home on the Range seems an appropriate title  for a 360 West Magazine recently by writer Irene Thomas   She visited a number of guest ranches and 360 liked what she had to say about The Home Ranch. A highlight from her article.... "Dinners included miso-marinated Alaska king salmon with citrus sticky rice or oat-crusted smoked Cervena venison with framboise. The farm-to-table approach provides Home Ranch-raised organic ingredients — including its own Sand Mountain Cattle Company beef, pork and poultry — along with produce, herbs and flowers from the on-site greenhouse and raised bed gardens." Irene's full article is available via PDF here or see below.

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Denver Post includes Home Ranch in Sustainable Stay

Denver Post includes Home Ranch in Sustainable Stay The Denver post named The Home Ranch as a Sustainable Stay and 2018 Vacation Getaway. The article talks about some new trends like farm-to-table-to-bed and places to stay which look at sustainability and conservation  The Stranahan founders began conservation efforts in the Elk River Valley where the Home Ranch is located.  Because of them thousands of acres were saved from development and will always provide views and agriculture activities. Farm to Table has been part of the Home Ranch dining experience for over a decade (well before most other vacation properties and restaurants began to look in that direction).  Growing things on the ranch saves dollars, gas, wear and tear on highways and delivery from food vendors from out of town or even out of state. The Ranch provides its own beef and pork.  The kitchen waste goes to the chickens and the [...]

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Bride.com – Home Ranch 1 of 7 Romantic Ranches for the Perfect Western Honeymoon!

Perfect Western Romantic Honeymoon says Bride.com Brides.com says The Home Ranch is one of seven great places for a "Perfect Western Honeymoon."  High praise and we're glad to hear it.  Because maybe you didn't know that aside from June which is PERFECT for weddings, we have special weeks in August for adults only. August 26 - October 13 Adults Only For a full list of Home Ranch accolades, take a look at our Home Ranch in the News page.

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MSN says The Home Ranch is a Spring Break Destination

The Home Ranch is spring break destination according to MSN.com! They did a round-up of great spring break destinations and put us in the mix. Sunshine and snow, horses, tubing, and dog-sledding, they covered some of the best things you'll find during March in the mountains of Colorado.  They bragged on our winter horseback riding, tubing, and dog-sledding as some of the reasons to come. If you check out the MSN site, use the arrows left and right  to find The Home Ranch panel. Home Ranch Spring Destination! And take a look at what other writers, bloggers and reviewers have to say about The Home Ranch on our "In the News "page.    

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Robert Redford and Jane Fonda Film to Feature Songs by the Moons

Robert Redford, The Home Ranch and Our Souls at Night Robert Redford and Jane Fonda's new movie "Our Souls at Night" features songs by Home Ranch employees. Michael Moon is a busy Ranch Manager for The Home Ranch in little old Clark, Colorado.  Just working hard, training horses, running irrigation ditches, fixing fence, working with guests.  He also sings and plays guitar at the guest campfire and for the weekly Saturday night barn dance.  Wife Dawn is part of the Home Ranch Horticulture Team and she sings with Michael at the Barn Dances. Somehow the Moons find time to write and record their own songs. It's a full and rich life.  Not to mention the Moons have five kids! Then a previous guest who loves the songs the Moons perform called and said, "Hey.... want to write some songs for a Robert Redford/Jane Fonda film?" No pressure there. But Michael Moon [...]

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Steamboat Pilot-Lodwick Challenge

Steamboat Springs — Dennis Lodwick offered a little race strategy at The Home Ranch on Sunday morning. Figuring that if anyone knows how to get the best of Lodwick’s son, Todd, in a cross-country ski race, it would be the old man, so I slipped Dennis a $5 bill and whipped out my reporter’s notebook, preparing to take detailed notes. “Start out slow, and then taper off,” Dennis whispered in my ear. Click for Full Arcticle February 15, 2011

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The Home Ranch – On my bucket list for horse vacations!

I like to think of myself as a “City-Cowgirl”. I love the country lifestyle and everything that comes with it, but I also enjoy the finer things in life. I believe there’s a way to incorporate both and you should! For example, just the other day I was out riding horses in the rain and spent the night dining at a trendy sushi spot. This is who I am and who I want to stay.  Click For Full Article -HorsePedia

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A Taste of Routt County

The Home Ranch Chefs to sign new cookbooks in Steamboat Steamboat Springs — For 21 years, The Home Ranch Executive Chef Clyde Nelson has been tucked away at the ranch in Clark, cooking gourmet food using local ingredients. This weekend, Nelson and Chef de Cuisine Craig Singer will make an ap­­pearance in Steam­­boat Sp­­rings to sign copies of two new cookbooks that feature them and Routt County-inspired recipes. Click to Read Full Article

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From Do-Si-Dos to Mussel Ice Cream

Wall Street Journal...Nov, 2 New York City really is a box of chocolates. One night you're walking the red carpet at the Met, the next, diving in the pool at Le Bain. Or, in this reporter's case, one night, you're jumping out of the way of square dancers in midtown; the next, trying, unsuccessfully, to avoid tasting Icelandic cuisine.First, the square dancing. Johnny Fisher is supposedly the No. 1 square-dance caller in all of Colorado. "Well, there aren't many of us any more," Mr. Fisher said the other night.  

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