The Horse Of The Month Of May: Shiloh


This beautiful girl is 3 years old, going on 4 and was born here on ranch!  Her dad is Phoenix – and Shiloh was an unplanned blessing. We will be introducing her to the string this summer. She is an intelligent, quick learner and eager to go out into those meadows. She’s a spirited horse with a personality to match so look for her this summer on your rides! Share this:

Teddy Bear ~ November 2011

We asked one of our guests, Mary Hopkins, to help us with this month’s horse of the month. She has been visiting the ranch for a number of years and always asks to ride Teddy Bear.  The following is what she had to say about ‘Teddy.’ Teddy Bear has been at The Home Ranch for about 7 years. He is a big, beautiful black bay with a kind heart and a gentle spirit. His gaits are wonderful from his energetic walk, to his smooth jog trot, his big trot and his enormous, energetic lope. Teddy is a joy to ride. … Continued

Rigger ~ May 2011

One of the first horses to greet you as you approach our herd is Rigger.  Rigger is a four year old bay and a good representative of the Canadian Sport Horse.  For his age, Rigger is a very willing and reliable guest horse with a playful and curious personality.  True to his breed, he is very athletic and loves going out for trail rides.  Canadian Sport Horses are known for their ability to excel in Olympian disciplines including jumping, dressage, and three day eventing.  Rigger’s breed was first used in World War I and derives from a combination of the … Continued

Reno ~ March 2011

Here is Kelly on his favorite horse, Reno. Reno is a registered quarter horse that was born at the ranch.  He spent his early days on Kelley’s dad’s ranch – Sand Mountain Cattle Company.  Reno was used on the cattle ranch and worked hard in tough country.  When Kelly joined us here at the Home Ranch, he and his buddy reunited. Share this:

Panda ~ February 2011

Here is February’s Horse of the Month – Panda.  As you can see, Panda is a beautiful black and white Canadian Sport Horse.  She is a sister to Domino, who is now in Florida on the jumping circuit. Panda was purchased as a weanling from Gord Jessiman and grew up here at the ranch.  She first entered our string last year and has proven to have a great disposition.  Head Wrangler, Kellen Carlson, decided to put in some time on our younger horses the other day and took Panda out for a spin.  You’ll see her as one of our … Continued

Bill and Bob-January 2011

Here are Bill and Bob, driven by head wrangler, Kellen (Kelly) Carlson. Bill and Bob came to the Home Ranch 3 years ago.  They were born in the Elk River Valley, near Steamboat, and have returned home. They are 20 years old and still have the heart, muscle, and desire to pull a sleigh with a ton of hay every day. There is nothing like driving a team of horses.  I can’t describe how much fun it is to direct two tons of horsepower, and do it accurately.  If you are coming out this winter, ask to drive—Kelly and I … Continued

Memphis ~ December 2010

Here I am riding the Horse of the Month for December – Memphis. Memphis is an interesting fellow. He is a registered quarter horse that was born here at the Home Ranch. I enjoy riding Memphis, because he performs to the level of the rider. If you are a lazy rider, he is a lazy horse. He was acting particularly lazy the week before this picture was taken, so I decided to see if I could improve his attitude. I was surprised to get on his back and find out that he is a very responsive and excellent horse. My … Continued

Midnight ~ October & November 2010

Midnight has been turned out for the fall with the rest of the herd for some well deserved R&R. He is October’s horse of the month. Midnight is another one of our amazing horses that came to us from Gord Jessiman. Midnight was started by Rial and Curt Pate as a three year old at their place in South Dakota. He then came to the ranch and took the summer off before Jory Larkin put a few rides on him this past winter and spring. Our wrangler, Dana, fell in love with Midnight and after some finishing school she was … Continued

Whiskey ~ September 2010

For our September 2010 Horse of the Month, we wanted to introduce a relatively new horse t o the herd. Whiskey is approximately 12 years old, a bright-copper colored sorrel with two socks and a thin blaze that runs down the left side of his face. Whiskey joined the herd about one year ago with one other sorrel, Chili. Both of them are spunky and energetic, and boy does Whiskey like to run in the early mornings! We often see him kicking up his heels when we bring in the herd in the morning. Share this:

Jake ~ August 2010

We have fallen back in love with Jake this summer and wanted to highlight him as the Horse of the Month for August. Nicknamed “Jakey” by some, Jake is a dark bay horse with a star. During his time off in the evenings, Jake can be found in the pastures with his best friend, Slicker. His most recognizable marking is the brand on his left hip which reads “C27.” The brand shows that Jake used to be a bucking bronco in a former life! After his time as a bronc in the rodeo, Jake became a “pick-up horse,” or a … Continued