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Denver Post includes Home Ranch in Sustainable Stay

Denver Post includes Home Ranch in Sustainable Stay The Denver post named The Home Ranch as a Sustainable Stay and 2018 Vacation Getaway. The article talks about some new trends like farm-to-table-to-bed and places to stay which look at sustainability and conservation  The Stranahan founders began conservation efforts in the Elk River Valley where the Home Ranch is located.  Because of them thousands of acres were saved from development and will always provide views and agriculture activities. Farm to Table has been part of the Home Ranch dining experience for over a decade (well before most other vacation properties and restaurants began to look in that direction).  Growing things on the ranch saves dollars, gas, wear and tear on highways and delivery from food vendors from out of town or even out of state. The Ranch provides its own beef and pork.  The kitchen waste goes to the chickens and the [...]

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Perfect Western Romantic Honeymoon says says The Home Ranch is one of seven great places for a "Perfect Western Honeymoon."  High praise and we're glad to hear it.  Because maybe you didn't know that aside from June which is PERFECT for weddings, we have special weeks in August for adults only. August 26 - October 13 Adults Only For a full list of Home Ranch accolades, take a look at our Home Ranch in the News page.

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MSN says The Home Ranch is a Spring Break Destination

The Home Ranch is spring break destination according to! They did a round-up of great spring break destinations and put us in the mix. Sunshine and snow, horses, tubing, and dog-sledding, they covered some of the best things you'll find during March in the mountains of Colorado.  They bragged on our winter horseback riding, tubing, and dog-sledding as some of the reasons to come. If you check out the MSN site, use the arrows left and right  to find The Home Ranch panel. Home Ranch Spring Destination! And take a look at what other writers, bloggers and reviewers have to say about The Home Ranch on our "In the News "page.    

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Robert Redford and Jane Fonda Film to Feature Songs by the Moons

Robert Redford, The Home Ranch and Our Souls at Night Robert Redford and Jane Fonda's new movie "Our Souls at Night" features songs by Home Ranch employees. Michael Moon is a busy Ranch Manager for The Home Ranch in little old Clark, Colorado.  Just working hard, training horses, running irrigation ditches, fixing fence, working with guests.  He also sings and plays guitar at the guest campfire and for the weekly Saturday night barn dance.  Wife Dawn is part of the Home Ranch Horticulture Team and she sings with Michael at the Barn Dances. Somehow the Moons find time to write and record their own songs. It's a full and rich life.  Not to mention the Moons have five kids! Then a previous guest who loves the songs the Moons perform called and said, "Hey.... want to write some songs for a Robert Redford/Jane Fonda film?" No pressure there. But Michael Moon [...]

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Want to get out of town for the holidays? Here are 5 places to go

Some like to stay home for the holidays and others like to travel. Whatever your preference, The Home Ranch was included as one of the five places to escape in the Lexington Herald Leader. Read the full story here: 5 places to go for the holidays

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7 Wonders of the Fishing World – – Tony Capecchi

From Ireland, to Scotland, not to forget the Florida Keys, Home Ranch is among good company in this article by Tony Capecchi for Outdoor Hub. Read all about them, but be sure and get all the way to the end of the article because Tony seems to have saved the best for last.

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