Come Ski with Me!

I love winter and snow.  Last year, however, was too much.  We received over 500 inches of snow!  It sounds great, but it was so much snow that all we did was shovel and plow.  Rarely did we get to go out and enjoy it.  I’m hoping that this year will be a little more reasonable. I grew up skiing on the slopes, but today I prefer to ski on our trails and hit the backcountry.  Occasionally, I’ll venture over to Steamboat, but that’s usually to ski with a friend that still downhill skis. My preference is to put on … Continued

A Visit to the Steamboat Springs Senior Center

Last week, Johnny and Mike loaded up Poncho, our Sicilian donkey, and Mattie, one of our weanlings, and took them to the Doak Walker Senior Center in Steamboat Springs.  Many of the residents came out on the glorious spring day to visit with these members of our herd.  It was a lot of fun to see the enjoyment these folks had interacting with our animals.  We were proud that Poncho and Mattie were so well behaved to let wheelchair bound residents handle them.  We’ll make future periodic visits to the center. Share this:

On Being a Dude Rancher

The other evening, while enjoying another wonderful meal prepared by Chef Philippe, one of our guests suggested that I write a book about my life on the ranch. We sat at our long tables and I told a few of the more entertaining stories that I could remember. It’s always a fun evening swapping tales over dessert. Though I have had many interesting, funny and sad, experiences, I’m not sure that I have enough material to make for much reading. However, I would like to share with you some of the aspects of being so fortunate to be a dude … Continued