Winter Wonderland

It’s a beautiful day here in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

I just finished feeding our horses with our team of Percherons- Bob and Bill.  While out feeding, my mind wandered to some special times I have had driving during the holidays.

The first that comes to mind is 15 years ago when my daughters were about 6 and 8.  It was Christmas day and my help was sick.  Casey, Laura and I went out to the stack with Kate and Ada, my team of mules, and we all loaded the sleigh.  My girls had to work hard to move those 65 pound bales, but they did it, and they were help.  Then we drove out through the horses and they fed them.  It took about an hour longer than normal, and they did sweat, but we got the job done.  It was a sweet Christmas Day.

Another, was about ten years ago.  My family was visiting grandparents for the holidays.  It was Christmas Eve and there was a full moon.  My job was to drop Santa off at the lodge for his grand entry.  Kate and Ada and I did our job of providing Santa a smooth ride.  It was such a beautiful evening, that I treated myself to my own sleigh ride in the hay meadow.  It was a special evening.

Happy Holidays to all!

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