Still Lots of Snow

What a winter we are having!  Just when we think winter is over and spring is arriving, another couple of inches of snow fall and the temperature falls below zero.   We are all enjoying the longer days, and realizing that summer is just around the corner.

Tayler is at a horse sale today in Denver looking for some new mounts for the summer.  Philippe is offering fly casting clinics on the snow covered back yard and is anxious to see the river start to break up.  Randy and Eric are starting to think about what they might find under all the snow.  Joanie and Sandy have started talking about the planting schedule for the summer.  Their participation in the Master Gardner program is getting them both very excited.  Johnny and I are still trying to get in a ski at every opportunity, but are looking forward to the summer.   We have started looking over applicaitons and are excited that we will have some returning staff throughout the ranch.

I’m off to go ‘check’ the trails!

P.S. – Here’s pic from my ski – there’s still lots of snow to play with!

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