Winter Storm Advisory until Monday!

Yahoo!  that is the best news we’ve heard in a long time! After two weeks of temperatures near zero, a winter storm advisory means warmth!  It has to be about 10 degrees for it to snow; our best snow tends to fall between 15 and 20 degrees.  It is currently about 25.

After receiving about 8 inches of snow yesterday, we woke to find another 8 to 10 had fallen overnight and it was STILL snowing!  They are predicting 4 to 8 to fall today and tonight, but we’ve already received 4 and it’s still falling!  The snow is light and dry – very characteristic of Steamboat’s Champagne powder.

Randy just pulled on to the trails in attempt to stay ahead of the storm.  He is doing his best to prepare the trails for today’s skiers.  I believe that for those that choose to brave the weather they will be rewarded with beautiful trails.   I hope that I can get out there towards mid day.

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