Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2014

WIne spec 2014 Craig and I inherited a promising wine list when we both started our new roles in the wine program, respectively. Over the last three plus years Craig has traveled, tasted, and discovered new wines, narrowing down choices that complimented our list.  “It has been a welcome challenge to create a list that is balanced to include big name Old World producers as well as having local and West Coast representation,” says Craig.  Creating relationships with smaller producers is something we are both particularly proud of.  It allows us to showcase the breadth of quality small production operations, of which reflect similar values and complimentary flavor profiles.


The application process was lengthy and we knew that whether or not our list was awarded, that we would be better for it.  In February, Craig and I made a concerted effort to organize and essentially spell check a list that includes 130 plus different wines with intentions to submit an application to Wine Spectator.  Wine Spectator is a great resource that we often use.  Add that with its renown reputation in the wine industry, it made sense to see how we stacked up compared to other establishments.  During this process and going forward from it we found out how  tedious and meticulous one must be to manage a wine list.  We are grateful for this award and thankful to those who have supported and taught us many things along this journey.


~ Andy



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