Why We Work at The Home Ranch- Mattie

Mattie Bork is this week’s Why You Work at The Home Ranch post. Mattie came this summer to be our hiking guide.


Mattie grew up in Sioux Fall and earned a degree in Business Administration from University Wyoming. When Mattie is not working she is spending

Mattie enjoying a hike with Berkley
Mattie enjoying a hike with Berkley

time with her new nephew and family. You might also notice her outside the ranch with her dog Berkley who loves to go hiking with her. She also enjoys anything outdoors (especially involving water), reading, crafts, scuba diving, and traveling. Before coming to the ranch, Mattie was teaching English to 8-11th graders in a public secondary school for a semester in Thailand.


I asked Mattie, “Why do you work at The Home Ranch?” “Because of its tight nit community, close to family and spend days in nature,” she said.


Mattie so far has put in an average of 42 miles a weeks; because of this she has seen her fair share of wildlife. So far her favorite animal is between a porcupine and a Great Blue Heron. Her favorite wildflower that is currently blooming is a Western Trillium.


Make sure to pack your hiking shoes during your dude ranch vacation because we are surround by beautiful Colorado Mountains. Maybe you can experience a new trail with Mattie, as each day more trails open up. There are the special Home Ranch trips like a afternoon hike up Home Mountain, a short walk by the Elk River, or exploring the nearby Greenville Mines.

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