This week’s “Why We Work at The Home Ranch,” is more of “Why did you come back to The Home Ranch?”

photo-7Douglas Short is our Pastry Chef.  Douglas worked for The Home Ranch back in 2006 and decided he was ready for a change and wanted to come back to the Ranch. Douglas called Chef Clyde at just the right time – our then current pastry chef was taking on a new adventure and the search was on for someone to fill her shoes.

Douglas was born in Wisconsin, but moved to Oxford, England at the age of 3. He went to Oxford & Cherwell Valley College to get his Culinary Arts degree.  When he is not in the kitchen he is out fly-fishing. Even as young boy he would go fishing on the Cherwell River after school. He also likes to hike, play table tennis (you can find he and Andy in the Rec. Room playing a match), and enjoy the outdoors.

I asked Douglas,“Why did you come back to The Home Ranch and why do you work here?”  He said, “To be out of the world. I hate cities, even Steamboat, it’s too big.  I love total quiet. Clark is the perfect town – as it’s not a town, but just a store.  I also get to fish every day. “

I asked him what his favorite pastries are to make at The Home Ranch, “The White Chocolate Mousse, or the cream Swan. I enjoy inventing, or reinventing, things like Tuilemisu or the take-off of a Caprese salad.”

On your dude ranch vacation you might meet Douglas out on the lake or river, but you will for sure enjoy is creative creations of dessert goodness.  Like staff, you will be glad he is bringing back English scones and Macaroons.