Why We Work at The Home Ranch- Brooke

This week in our ‘why we work at The Home Ranch’ we are featuring Brooke Klein our head wrangler. When you come to the ranch this summer and take a ride with Brooke make sure to ask about any of her hobbies or her last season in Greece. On top of her talents with horses she is also a writer. I asked Brooke, “Why she works at The Home Ranch?” She wrote a piece of why she picked the ranch and we are so glad she did.


Brooke out on the trails at the Ranch

For as long as I can remember my life has always been intertwined with horses. I started riding at the age of five and it has continued to be a life long passion.

Almost four years ago, my partner, John, and I left the beautiful Pacific Northwest coastline we called home to travel the world and ultimately find a home of our own. We decided to stay in the states for the summer and began looking for work in a state both of us felt drawn to, Colorado. I discovered The Home Ranch while looking to extend my practice of both yoga and natural horsemanship. Thus, finding inspiring program with Tammy Pate & Janice Baxter. The path that has led us here has been both intentional and serendipitous. I look forward to the education in everyday and meeting all the others drawn to this beautiful place. It is going to be an amazing summer, and I am happy to find a home at “The Home Ranch”.


I grew up in Ohio attending a bilingual French school and graduated with a BS in Natural Resources from Ohio State University, specializing in Park, Recreation, & Tourism. I enjoy traveling, sharing life stories with others, entering new landscapes and celebrating this life. Other hobbies included stain glass, hiking, snowboarding, leatherwork, fire dancing, photography, and most anything outdoors or with horses.


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