Guests will often ask staff how they found out about The Home Ranch and why they chose it over other dude ranches. We asked our staff the same questions last month and would like to share their responses with you. Whether you have been to our beautiful Colorado dude ranch in the past or are still looking forward to your first visit to The Home Ranch, we hope you will enjoy getting to know our staff a little before your visit.

andy2If you have been to the ranch in the last couple years you will have met Andy; he has either skied with you, poured you his perfect margarita, or suggested your new favorite wine. Andy keeps one of our most important pieces of the ranch running smoothly.  We feel that our dining room is what makes The Home Ranch so special and unique. Our dining experience offers guests the opportunity to  make friends for a lifetime and have conversations that are everlasting.  As a staff, we know him as someone who is a “snazzy dresser”, has a smile for everyone, and is a local, but most important he is always pitching in, whether it’s doing dishes, making sure the linens are perfect, taking kids skiing, or introducing a new espresso drink.

Andy grew up in Steamboat Springs playing soccer. After graduating from the Leeds School of Business at University of Colorado in Boulder with a management degree, he just happened to stumble upon The Home Ranch thanks to a friend.  Andy started as a server in our dining room and is now not only manager of the dining room but one of our Sommeliers.

We asked Andy the question, “Why do you work at The Home Ranch?”

Andy told us, “Where do I start when it comes to why I work at The Home Ranch.

Maybe it chose me?  I had worked here for a year and half before I left for California to try to make sense of where I wanted to be and find what I wanted to DO.  That year in California confirmed that not only Colorado, but The Home Ranch specifically was a perfect fit.  Every time I walk out the door, whether to go to work or if I am leaving the ranch to go home, my feelings are validated in that I am in the right place.  With the Zirkles to the East, Hahn’s Peak to the North, Sand Mountain to the West, and the rambling Elk River leading South to Steamboat Springs, the town I grew up in, I am allowed to cozy up in this wonderful valley.  Combine that ultimate comfort with the opportunity to work at an establishment that is so highly regarded, with wonderful and quirky staff, each their own person, how can I complain?  We get the chance to make everyone’s vacation memorable and without care by sharing this place we all are privileged to work at.  I feel I could go on and on, diving deeper into what I have already shared.  If you want to know more why I work at The Home Ranch, please ask, as I would revel in providing more details.”

So the next time you are “Home”, make sure to ask Andy about the best hiking trail, the black diamond ski trails at Steamboat ski area, or about his favorite Premier League football team.