Why We Work at The Home Ranch- Abby

Guests will often ask staff how they found out about The Home Ranch and why they picked it over other ranches.


Abby on Slopes
Abby Snowboarding

Abby Draper is one of our servers in the dining room. She came to The Home Ranch last winter and decided to come back for another season, this time “to see the green, flowers, and Colorado in summer,” Abby said.


As a staff, we love Abby for her bubbling energy and humor; we can always count on her to brighten up our day. She became an amazing snow bunny in February, as she tested herself to play in the snow every day! You could find her Nordic skiing around the ranch, snowboarding in Steamboat, or snowshoeing up Home Mountain. In addition to completing her goal, she shared her new skills with some of the staff and made memories to last a lifetime. Not bad for someone who had never been cross county skiing before coming to the ranch!


Abby grew up in Central Massachusetts. She moved to Boston, but found out it was not for her… she loves the rural life (thank goodness, since she moved to Clark!) Before coming to The Home Ranch, she had worked in different types of restaurants, but has now discovered a love for fine dining. In her free time she is shredding the slopes, running, or being a wicked wonderful dog sitter to all the staff pets.


We asked Abby the question, “Why do you work at The Home Ranch?” Abby said, “ I wanted to move to Colorado, for the people and setting. It’s awesome to go to work everyday in a calendar.”


If you were lucky enough this winter to have Abby as your server you can attest to why she is a wonderful server, “to make people to feel at home, it’s what The Home Ranch is all about. Also, I get to meet people from all over the world. Learning about all the food and the ways to cook things,” makes her love her job even more.


So this summer, make sure to ask Abby about great running trails around the ranch, what her favorite Home Ranch dish is, and how bad she beat the rest of the staff at bananagrams.

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