It’s always hard to pack for vacation when you’ve never been there, you don’t know what to expect. Visiting The Home Ranch is no different. For many visitors, this is your first time on a cross country ski vacation.

So, I asked the experts (the guides) what they wear when they ski. Here is what Mark wears when he cross country skis

Socks: Point 6

Base Layer Bottoms: Patagonia Midweight (Recycled Threads)

Outer Layer Bottom: Patagonia Guide Pants

Base Layer Top: Smartwool Lightweight

Outer Layer Top: Smartwool HowelsenSweater

Soft Shell Jacket: Outdoor Research Credo (for most days)

Puffy Jacket: Patagonia Puffy Sweater (for the really cold days)

Gloves: Black Diamond Guide Gloves

Hat: Ibex

Sunglasses: Smith Polorized

We hope this helps as you begin packing for you next cross country skiing trip at The Home Ranch!