Teddy Bear ~ November 2011

We asked one of our guests, Mary Hopkins, to help us with this month’s horse of the month. She has been visiting the ranch for a number of years and always asks to ride Teddy Bear.  The following is what she had to say about ‘Teddy.’

Teddy Bear has been at The Home Ranch for about 7 years. He is a big, beautiful black bay with a kind heart and a gentle spirit.

His gaits are wonderful from his energetic walk, to his smooth jog trot, his big trot and his enormous, energetic lope. Teddy is a joy to ride.

Hi is a curious horse and notices everything around him. He loves to be groomed and is very friendly.

Teddy’s best friend is Izzy, a beautiful Palomino mare. Where you see one, you usually see the other.

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