Last week, the ranch hosted a group of friends that have been coming to enjoy the beauty of the ranch and camaraderie for 13 years.  One night at cocktails the following poem was read. It was created in the early hours of the morning. The writer, Ted Donnelly, was inspired by a number of Robert Frost quotes and poems he had recently read.

I was so inspired by the words, that I wanted to share them with others. Enjoy, Selina


Stopping by Home Ranch on a Day in Winter

With apologies to Robert Frost


Whose bright white trails I think I know

He lives afar from subzero

He will not mind my gliding skis

Tracing lines upon his snow

My gluteus now lives in fear

That I will land upon my rear

My legs are wobbly, spirits quake

But Home Ranch dinner quells my fear

Dixie gives the bells a shake

The friends all gather to partake

Of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

Gourmet food and chocolate cake

Home Ranch snow is fun to clear

But happy hour now draws near

And I will have another beer

And I will have another beer