We have closed the door on another wonderful season at The Home Ranch!  I would like to take a moment and say Thank you! to all of our winter guests and staff.  Thank you for all the memories, stories and laughs.  I will look forward to seeing you all the next time our paths cross.  

The meadows are still covered in snow,  but the skis have been put into storage and the groomer is getting prepared for some rest over the summer.  There is a place or two where grass is peeking through in the meadow.  It won’t be long before the new foals will be out kicking up their heels and the wranglers start preparing the string for the summer.  Until then, we will be working on projects inside. 

Cassandra is keeping Eric and Randy’s to-do list full, while Clyde and his crew are taking some much deserved time away from cooking.  Johnny and I are filling our April with meetings and hiring new staff.  Sandy and Joanie are beginning to talk about the gardening plan for the summer.  We are all excited to see what the summer will bring.

The staff enjoyed lunch on the back deck today, but I hear another round of snow is coming our way tomorrow.   It must be spring!  I can’t wait to see my first wildflower – it has to be soon – right?  I’ll let you all know when it happens!

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