Shea Wright ~ California Girl With A Colorado Dude Ranch Soul

Colorado Dude Ranch Employee Shea Wright is one of our housekeepers – and one of the great “behind the scenes” people that make our Colorado dude ranch run. Guests experience her perfectly made beds, and the cookies and cheeses she stocks in guest rooms, but our staff loves her because she is full of energy and fun – and she and Maggie do an amazing job of keeping their housekeeping team going during the dog days of summer (and the winter.) 

Shea came to The Home Ranch last winter and decided to come back for another season. She came here to experience a real Western dude ranch, but our “town” of Clark stole her heart.  (That said, Shea is a California girl, loves Disneyland, and anything to do with Disney. She tries to go back as much as she can.)

Before coming to The Home Ranch, she’d traveled and worked in the service and hospitality industry for over 8 years.  Shea was an Au pair in Catalonia, Spain and her parent-tested, international kid wrangling skills come in handy at the ranch when she works in our Children’s Program.  She’s always ready to talk about her overseas experiences as an Au Pair. When Shea is not working she may be shooting, practicing archery, riding dirt bikes or horses, and helping Selina out with her children.

When I asked Shea – “why do you Work at The Home Ranch?” –  she said “Because it is a home away from home. I came back for a second season because my co-workers here are not just co-workers;  they became my family.  Also, I was so excited to see how beautiful it could be in the summer because the winter was so beautiful.  I had heard that many people come for the winter and stay for the summer. So, far it’s true!” 

So if you are coming to visit us this summer and see a friendly, auburn-haired, ball of energy cleaning and making sure the Ranch runs smoothly, introduce yourself and ask Shea what she thinks makes each season so special and different at our Colorado Dude Ranch.

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