Rec Room Floor gets Refinished

As our winter season is our ‘slow’ time at the ranch we try to make the best of it and knock a few projects off the to-do list.

This winter we have decided to refinish the wood floor in the rec room.  The rec room is used differently each season.  It is used most by the children and teens programs in the summer.  During other seasons it is transformed into a meeting room, yoga studio and pilates space.

On Monday the rec room was emptied in anticipation of a new floor.   I can’t believe how much it has changed in the course of three days.  Here are a couple of shots as the floor has progressed.  I was just telling the refinisher how I can’t wait to do yoga on the new floor at yoga and horses retreat this  spring.   We are also trying to do pilates and cross country skiing retreat this spring before the snow leaves.

We are finishing it with a ‘tougher’ finish and hope that it can handle all that the ranch uses it for each year.  We still won’t be able to use it for about another week, as it takes a full week to cure.  The final coat is to be applied this afternoon.

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