Proud members

You may have noticed that The Home Ranch is affiliated with a few organizations:
Relais & Chateaux
Dude Ranchers’ Association
Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association

These organizations are your assurance of truth in advertising and quality.  We feel quite honored to be a part of these organizations, and we are also very active with them.

I just returned from Quebec City, having attended our annual Relais & Chateaux gathering.  Many folks don’t know what Relais & Chateaux is, or what it stands for.  Relais & Chateaux is a French organization that accepts only fine quality properties.  All of them are different, unlike Mobil and AAA properties, that want uniformity.  Cuisine is emphasized, and many of the world’s famous chefs and restaurants are members.  Our own Clyde Nelson, who has been at the ranch 20 years, truly is one of the best and deserves to be featured with this group.  The pride the members have is incredible.  It was nice to be with this group of hospitality professionals and make decisions that were not handed down from corporate offices.

The Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association (CDGRA) and the Dude Ranchers’ Association (DRA) are also groups of members with pride concerned about quality.  Selina is on the board of the CDGRA, and I’m on the board of the DRA.  We both recently returned from the respective board meetings.  Dude ranchers are an interesting bunch.  We are competitors and best friends.  Part of our meetings focus on approval of other ranches for membership.  This is a tough process for a prospective ranch, as we are very quality oriented.  We have also eliminated ranches that failed their guests and tarnished the image of the Associations.  We believe in what we do, and still feel that it is the best vacation value one can find.

We hope to see you soon.

Johnny Fisher
Home Ranch

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