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A few of our Colorado Dude Ranch Staff and I went Rock Climbing with Rocky Mountain Ventures (our Rock Climbing outfitter).  Each Wednesday morning in the summer, we offer a shorter climb and then if there’s enough interest guests will have the opportunity to climb again on Friday. The climb on Friday has a higher face and is longer hike in.  We were able to test out the Friday climb. Like before make sure to ask if you have any questions, because now I can answer them!


After a short but beautiful drive along the Elk River we arrived at the trailhead. It is aIMG_1606

short 15 – 20 minute hike through a beautiful Aspen grove, home to some of the largest Aspens I have ever seen. Once you get to the rock, the view is almost 180 degrees of the Routt National Forest looking west. Patrick, one of our guides, and the owner of Rocky Mountain Ventures, set up the ropes and the climbing commenced. Patrick and his team provide all the equipment, but most importantly the climbing shoes. I had been climbing before, but only in hiking shoes or Chacos indoors. I was surprised at how much climbing shoes made a difference.


All of us worked our way up both pitches, each one had its challenges, but everyone made it.  This was great team building activity, as we provided not only encouragement but relied on each other for belaying.  It requires a lot of trust in the person/co-worker who has your life in their hands, but like Patrick told us it’s a very safe sport, when done correctly.  We all commented on how much better and fun it was to rock climb actual rocks. It’s much different, and quite challenging, since you don’t just follow the color up. The reward is a 360 view of the Colorado Mountains on all sides within a National Forest; it’s worth every pull up or in my case, broken nail.


At the ranch we work with our outfitters to offer rock climbing at varying difficulties,

Chef Tim climbing
Chef Tim climbing

from beginner all the way to expert, so make sure to ask and we can help to set up a time for you to enjoy the beautiful rocks of Colorado up close and personal. Trust me, the hard work is worth it for the breathtaking view of the Elk River Valley.

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