New Sleigh Bells Ring at The Home Ranch

The Home Ranch is proud to announce the addition of our new team for the winter season!  These Percheron mares are 12 years old and have been driving for the majority of their lives.  They arrived at the ranch about two weeks ago and have been doing wonderfully!

With the addition of the new team, we are in need of two new names.  The ranch staff members have come up with a few favorites but are having a difficult time deciding which names to pick.  Traditionally, the name of the horse on the left always comes first in the alphabet and the horse on the right has a name that comes after.  So if you have a team named Rocky and Smokey you would know that Rocky should be placed on the left and Smokey should be hitched up on the right.  Some of you may be asking yourselves why this would matter.  Historically, this was done in the event someone not familiar with the team needed to use them.  For example, say your neighbor was sick and his livestock needed to be fed by using the team.  If you know the names of the horses you know which horse is comfortable pulling on the left and which horse knows how to pull on the right.

We have used the team a time or two and have figured out what horse is comfortable pulling on each side.  The black mare pulls on the left and the gray mare pulls on the right.  Since The Home Ranch is going to keep these mares, we are okay with breaking tradition this time.  The names we have come up with are listed below.  What do you think the new team’s name should be?  Help us decide and let us know what your vote is on our Facebook page!

Cloudy & Stormy
Thelma & Louise
Salt & Pepper

We cannot wait to have names for the new team!

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