Natural Horsemanship – communication

Well first and foremost, I would like to thank you for your interest in the first of very many Home Ranch Horsemanship blogs.  It was in preparation for the launching of our new website, and in the reworking of our horseback riding program that I ran across a lot of interesting information.   I found one quote in particular that really struck a chord with me and prompted a wonderful topic for the first horsemanship blog.  It has to do with the main topic at hand when working with horses, communication.
Let me preface this by explaining how I came about this whole topic.  In writing and researching details for the improvements made in our horse program, I found myself thumbing through a book written by a professor of mine back in college.  Walking the Way of the Horse by Leif Hallberg is the text we used and is about using horses as a means of therapy.  I found it funny that just as I was struggling to comprehend a good way to summarize the way horse communication works I ran across a quote from Stephan Budiansky that read, “That we know so little about this potentially complex system of communication in horses is testimony to our own sensory ineptness.”
This is truly the most succinct way to explain what it is we are after with our Home Ranch Horsemanship.  Many people believe that the translation between horse and human language is simple: a kick to go, a pull back to stop.  I must say that I strongly disagree.  The fact is that there is so much going on between humans and horses when they are around each other, that the majority of it often goes unnoticed.
What this truly leads me to believe is that we are at least on the right track.  It is within our interest in a program that will undoubtedly unveil our ‘ineptness’ that we are able to move forward with our interest in horses.   It is in realizing that the horses are not always the ones that need the lesson that we can truly begin the lifelong journey that is becoming a ‘true cowboy’.  Remember, the real cowboys are not the ones that are seen on ESPN, but the ones that have dedicated their entire lives to finally have that one ‘perfect’ horse they call their best friend.
While here I am all fired up to ride this summer, it’s the end of April here, and snowing.  All I can think about are the many lessons that our wonderful horses will have for us this year and all the familiar faces I will get to share such experiences with.  Riding in the tall green grass and climbing up Home Mountain to gaze at the continental divide are among the highlights, but also just the beginning.  If you’re a return guest, we look forward to seeing you soon and reuniting in this special place we are lucky enough to call home.  If you are thinking about booking a stay this summer, consider this: world-class cuisine in perfect harmony with one of the best horseback riding programs offered. Top this off a dip in the hot tub at your private cabin after a day consisting of what dreams are made of.  Need I say more?  See you this summer!

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