Memphis ~ December 2010

Here I am riding the Horse of the Month for December – Memphis. Memphis is an interesting fellow. He is a registered quarter horse that was born here at the Home Ranch.

I enjoy riding Memphis, because he performs to the level of the rider. If you are a lazy rider, he is a lazy horse. He was acting particularly lazy the week before this picture was taken, so I decided to see if I could improve his attitude. I was surprised to get on his back and find out that he is a very responsive and excellent horse. My enthusiasm for riding went right through his body and down to his feet. He is a lot of fun to ride and not at all lazy.

Memphis is used in all facets of our program. He is big and stout, I had to get off and get a gate and found out how big he is. He’s also a good looking guy – actually aren’t both guys good looking? We hope that you’ll join us sometime this year and take him out for a ride.

Johnny Fisher

Home Ranch

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