Saint Patrick’s Day weekend at The Home Ranch is looking extra special this year.  Renowned Celtic Fiddler Jessie Burns has EXP_Jessie_t670toured the world sharing her passion for the Traditional Irish Music, but The Home Ranch has a special place in her heart.  Back in the 90’s while she was the program director for Strings on the Mountain in Steamboat Springs she moonlighted as a member of our very own Ranch Hand Band.   She is thrilled about the opportunity to share the Ranch with her family.  Who could know the former fiddle player for the Irish-American super group Gaelic Storm also loves a good Cowboy Campfire?

Jessie Burns, a native of England, lived in Steamboat for five years as her introduction to life in Colorado. She fondly remembers weekly performances with the Ranch Hand String Band at The Home Ranch for many of those memorable years. She has an Irish father and an American mother and since moving out to the Wild West after University, has been performing, recording and teaching Irish music in Colorado for the last twenty years. Most notably, she spent six years touring full time with Irish American Super-group, Gaelic Storm. This involved traveling all over the world performing with the high-energy group, and she is very proud to have made three #1 Billboard World Music Albums with the band. She traded life on the road in 2012 for becoming a mother to two young daughters and now teaches, records and performs a wide variety of music more locally and lives in Lyons, CO, with her bass playing husband Eric Thorin.

Jessie will be joined by her husband and our own Larry Gulley and Michael and Dawn Moon for a Celtic session of around the fire place on Saturday evening the 19th of March.  Space is still available for overnight reservations.  Come join us to experience a one of kind weekend of Music and late winter fun.