Jake ~ August 2010

We have fallen back in love with Jake this summer and wanted to highlight him as the Horse of the Month for August. Nicknamed “Jakey” by some, Jake is a dark bay horse with a star. During his time off in the evenings, Jake can be found in the pastures with his best friend, Slicker. His most recognizable marking is the brand on his left hip which reads “C27.” The brand shows that Jake used to be a bucking bronco in a former life! After his time as a bronc in the rodeo, Jake became a “pick-up horse,” or a horse that helps catch and herd the bucking broncs at rodeos. Now he has been at the Home Ranch for about 15 years and is great at his job here, just like he was at the rodeo. Jake has starred as a guest horse for many years and captured the hearts of many riders, including one girl named Amber, who rode him when she was on the ranch with her family in July. Amber dressed in her best riding clothes to impress Jake, and it paid off. She did a fantastic job with him, giving lots of energy and support on rides—which of course he returned by following her directions, trotting and loping whenever and wherever she asked!

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