Horsemanship Classes

If you’re interested in improving your horsemanship skills, you’ll enjoy the varied classes we offer during the week.  We offer saddling & grooming, ground school, horse psychology, trail class, and team penning.

Saddling & Grooming
Saddling your horse correctly is important to ensure a good fit and top performance of both you and your horse.  This class takes you through all the steps of preparing to ride, from grooming to saddling your horse.  We discuss safe ways of approaching and moving around a horse.

This is an excellent class for all levels of riders.  We offer basics of communication through body language and open up a whole new world of understanding between you and your horse. The horse will respond to your movements as you lead him through exercises in all directions at various speeds. Later these movements can be transferred to riding.  We teach you how to separate your horse’s fore-and hindquarters, pivot, and move in all directions.  The class is a marvelous way to establish a great rapport with your horse.

Curt Pate

Ground School

Horse Psychology
This class can be done in the round pen or on the trail.  We talk about the basic instincts of a horse and what has helped him survive all these millions of years.  Various exercises will demonstrate how the horse wants to respond to you as his leader as part of these natural instincts.

Trail Class
Trail rides can offer many opportunities for horse and rider that can be used as learning experiences.  We cover such challenges as crossing fallen timber, riding in a straight line, opening and closing a gate while horseback, balancing as you ascend and descend, timing turns with body movement, moving a specific foot, and riding your horse away from the herd.  You are encouraged to practice these maneuvers on every ride as well as in our outdoor obstacle course.

Team Penning
Ever have a hankering for herding cattle?  It’s more fun – and more challenging – than you might imagine.  It is also the most popular activity on the ranch.  You learn the rudimentary skills during the week, and then apply your skills during the team penning competition at the end of the week.  This good-natured contest is a highlight of the week, both for participants and cheering observers.  Winners of this timed event receive awards at Campfire.

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