Home Ranch Yoga in the News

An article in the New York Times Travel Section  by writer Elaine Glusac talks about Yoga leaving “the studio as traveling yogis hit the road, guiding practice before more exotic backdrops on rivers, at full moon celebrations and in the great outdoors.”Horseback Riding Vacations at Colorado Dude Ranch

It goes on to compare a number of different programs around the world.   Then it says, “Yoga with goats has led a critter craze to classes with cats, dogs and rabbits. But the coming women-only yoga and horses program at the Home Ranch in Clark, Colo., advocates twice-daily yoga sessions as a means to improving horsemanship. “Fifteen years ago, I started practicing yoga and discovered it was exactly like horsemanship. It’s all about balance,” said Tammy Pate, a rancher and wrangler who leads the riding portion of the program. “When you’re riding you’re trying to stay balanced, mostly emotionally.”

Between yoga sessions, led by the instructor Janice Baxter, participants work on their riding skills and drive cattle. Rates for the one-week sessions — the next is scheduled Oct. 8 to 14, start at $4,050 a person, and no experience -– either with horses or with yoga -– is required.

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If you think this might be your thing, check out Yoga week our Fall Vacations page and reserve your spot.

PS, no Yoga or Horse skill needed, only a desire to try them both!  And a wonderful activity for both accomplished Riders and Yoga fans.