Bill and Bob-January 2011

Here are Bill and Bob, driven by head wrangler, Kellen (Kelly) Carlson.

Bill and Bob came to the Home Ranch 3 years ago.  They were born in the Elk River Valley, near Steamboat, and have returned home.

They are 20 years old and still have the heart, muscle, and desire to pull a sleigh with a ton of hay every day.

There is nothing like driving a team of horses.  I can’t describe how much fun it is to direct two tons of horsepower, and do it accurately.  If you are coming out this winter, ask to drive—Kelly and I enjoy handing over the lines and teaching someone to drive.

A little about Kelly:

Kelly grew up here in the Elk River Valley—just across the road from The Home Ranch.  Kelly has worked for his dad, Doug, at the Sand Mountain Cattle Company all of his life.  Kelly will be finishing his degree this spring from Regis University.  Many of you have already met Kelly at our barn dance, and some have ridden with him at the Murphy-Larsen Ranch.  We know that you will enjoy Kelly’s personality, as well as his gentle manner with horses.

Thanks for checking in with us.


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