You are probably asking yourself, ‘what is a 3 wire winter?’ And no, you can’t google it and find an easy definition, I tried! A 3 wire winter is when the snow is deep enough to cover all three wires of the barbed wire fences.  3 wire winter

Local ranchers count the wires on their fences that are covered in snow to determine if it’s a good snow year. With an average of over 300 inches of annual snowfall, three wire winters are pretty common in Steamboat Springs and the surrounding areas, but after last year’s one wire winter we are all very excited to be experiencing an epic snow year.  This year Steamboat has already received close to 250 inches of snow.

For the ranch this means pristine skiing on 30km of groomed cross country ski trails, access to endless acres of National Forest for backcountry skiing, snowshoe adventures to the top of Home Mountain and beyond, and lots of shoveling!  This also, hopefully, leads to fields of wildflowers, landscapes of every shade of green and lots of run off for white water rafting this spring and summer.

There’s still time to come experience this winter wonderland with us. We will be skiing and snowshoeing under a Colorado bluebird sky until late March.  Give Emma, Selina or Mackenzie a call, 970-879-1780, to book your winter getaway!