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“Home On the Range” – 360 Magazine West Home Style Magazine

Home on the Range seems an appropriate title  for a 360 West Magazine recently by writer Irene Thomas   She visited a number of guest ranches and 360 liked what she had to say about The Home Ranch. A highlight from her article.... "Dinners included miso-marinated Alaska king salmon with citrus sticky rice or oat-crusted smoked Cervena venison with framboise. The farm-to-table approach provides Home Ranch-raised organic ingredients — including its own Sand Mountain Cattle Company beef, pork and poultry — along with produce, herbs and flowers from the on-site greenhouse and raised bed gardens." Irene's full article is available via PDF here or see below.

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Denver Post includes Home Ranch in Sustainable Stay

Denver Post includes Home Ranch in Sustainable Stay The Denver post named The Home Ranch as a Sustainable Stay and 2018 Vacation Getaway. The article talks about some new trends like farm-to-table-to-bed and places to stay which look at sustainability and conservation  The Stranahan founders began conservation efforts in the Elk River Valley where the Home Ranch is located.  Because of them thousands of acres were saved from development and will always provide views and agriculture activities. Farm to Table has been part of the Home Ranch dining experience for over a decade (well before most other vacation properties and restaurants began to look in that direction).  Growing things on the ranch saves dollars, gas, wear and tear on highways and delivery from food vendors from out of town or even out of state. The Ranch provides its own beef and pork.  The kitchen waste goes to the chickens and the [...]

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Perfect Western Romantic Honeymoon says says The Home Ranch is one of seven great places for a "Perfect Western Honeymoon."  High praise and we're glad to hear it.  Because maybe you didn't know that aside from June which is PERFECT for weddings, we have special weeks in August for adults only. August 26 - October 13 Adults Only For a full list of Home Ranch accolades, take a look at our Home Ranch in the News page.

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Dude Ranch Honeymoons for Nature Loving Couples

If you think Niagara Falls is the epitome of romantic, you haven't met luxury guest ranches.   According to Martha Stewart Magazine, The Home Ranch is a honeymoon destination for a special group.  Nature honeymoons are all the rage; couples want to go some place exciting but authentic, beautiful and natural. How Home Ranch made the cut -  500 acres of land to hike or ride, fishing for the groom, yoga for the bride, a pool to relax by, cuisine to die for, romantic nights with high mountain views and cozy cabins. And there is nothing contrived about our horse program.  We're the real deal.  If you want to learn about plants and flora, one of our educated and dedicated guides can take you and while you're here, our Master Gardner can teach you about what's grown for the kitchen and how. Check it out.

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TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for Home Ranch

You might have heard Home Ranch stands for "Excellence" but TripAdvisor has made it official. "The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence honors select accommodations, attractions, and restaurants that consistently demonstrate a commitment to hospitality excellence." TripAdvisor uses a proprietary algorithm to measure quality, quantity and recency of reviews and opinions submitted by travelers on TripAdvisor over a 12-month period.  It also takes into consideration a business’s tenure and ranking on the Popularity Index on the site. We've been doing what we do for over 30 years in an industry that is constantly changing.  We provide that unique experience, on an authentic ranch to the highest standards in hospitality.  Because of that, since 1986, Home Ranch has been a member of the prestigious Relais and Châteaux Association.  It's really an honor to be included in TripAdvisor's high honors, too! The best way to learn about The Home Ranch is to read what our [...]

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Home Ranch Accolades

Home Ranch is in the News again! Travel & Leisure Magazine included us in the nominations for the "World's Best List for Colorado Hotels 2018".  Votes were final in March.  Results will be available in their August issue. Stay tuned! WK Blog Real Estate gave Home Ranch a big mention as one of "6 Must-Visit Luxury Lodging Destinations in Colorado!"  Take a look at the article. in their "Amazing Wellness Retreats for the Culturally Adventurous Traveler" Food and gave us a boost with 18 Hotels with Amazing Mini Bars" in February.".......every midnight munchies craving can be satisfied with the fully-stocked minibar, which offers Sweetwood Smokehouse jerky, Honey Stinger waffle cookies and chews, and Homesteader Toffee—each brand local to the nearby town of Steamboat Springs.", gave us kudos in “Amazing Wellness Retreats for the Culturally Adventurous Traveler,” February 10, 2018. Aspire Home & Dine interviewed our Cowboy Musician in "Dinner Guest:  Cowboy [...]

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MSN says The Home Ranch is a Spring Break Destination

The Home Ranch is spring break destination according to! They did a round-up of great spring break destinations and put us in the mix. Sunshine and snow, horses, tubing, and dog-sledding, they covered some of the best things you'll find during March in the mountains of Colorado.  They bragged on our winter horseback riding, tubing, and dog-sledding as some of the reasons to come. If you check out the MSN site, use the arrows left and right  to find The Home Ranch panel. Home Ranch Spring Destination! And take a look at what other writers, bloggers and reviewers have to say about The Home Ranch on our "In the News "page.    

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Robert Redford and Jane Fonda Film to Feature Songs by the Moons

Robert Redford, The Home Ranch and Our Souls at Night Robert Redford and Jane Fonda's new movie "Our Souls at Night" features songs by Home Ranch employees. Michael Moon is a busy Ranch Manager for The Home Ranch in little old Clark, Colorado.  Just working hard, training horses, running irrigation ditches, fixing fence, working with guests.  He also sings and plays guitar at the guest campfire and for the weekly Saturday night barn dance.  Wife Dawn is part of the Home Ranch Horticulture Team and she sings with Michael at the Barn Dances. Somehow the Moons find time to write and record their own songs. It's a full and rich life.  Not to mention the Moons have five kids! Then a previous guest who loves the songs the Moons perform called and said, "Hey.... want to write some songs for a Robert Redford/Jane Fonda film?" No pressure there. But Michael Moon [...]

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Home Ranch Yoga and Hoses Hits The New York Times

Home Ranch Yoga in the News An article in the New York Times Travel Section  by writer Elaine Glusac talks about Yoga leaving "the studio as traveling yogis hit the road, guiding practice before more exotic backdrops on rivers, at full moon celebrations and in the great outdoors." It goes on to compare a number of different programs around the world.   Then it says, "Yoga with goats has led a critter craze to classes with cats, dogs and rabbits. But the coming women-only yoga and horses program at the Home Ranch in Clark, Colo., advocates twice-daily yoga sessions as a means to improving horsemanship. “Fifteen years ago, I started practicing yoga and discovered it was exactly like horsemanship. It’s all about balance,” said Tammy Pate, a rancher and wrangler who leads the riding portion of the program. “When you’re riding you’re trying to stay balanced, mostly emotionally.” Between yoga sessions, [...]

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Poncho The Home Ranch Burro Celebrated 35 Years

Poncho the Home Ranch Burro 35th Birthday A birthday party for a burro?  Seriously?  Yes, Poncho the burro is usually the first critter you see when you drive into The Home Ranch.  He has the run of the place and he's a favorite, even though he is a bit like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. He's been acting as gatekeeper and welcome wagon to Home Ranch guests for years.  On August 26th we helped him celebrate his 35th birthday.  Ranch Manager and Wrangler, Michael Moon, even wrote a song in honor of the occasion.  Poncho wasn't totally thrilled with his birthday hat but he decided his Birthday Carrot Cake was alright. Poncho's buddy and horse companion Fuzzy, all his favorite wranglers guests and staffed joined the party at The Home Ranch campfire.  Poncho doesn't usually like a fuss but he was cooperative.  He usually likes his crowd limited to one or [...]

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