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A look back on The Home Ranch Round-Up

As a ski guide at The Home Ranch, there are 3 essentials. 1- The obvious is the ability to get around on any type of ski. 2- Then there is the obsession with the shoveling of immense amounts of snow. 3- But the most important trait is the possession of one good story. It is hard to compete with Lizzie and her tales of 150 days on the Pacific Crest Trail. Then there is ‘Captain’ Mike and his encyclopedia of knowledge on birds and Alaska. Mark of course can tell you everything there is to know about the North Routt backcountry, the Zirkels and every trail no matter the season. So, as the rookie guide this year, I was pretty intimidated and needed a good story. And that is how this race, The Home Ranch Round-Up came to be. It started as a story and the one I would tell [...]

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Jessie Burns – St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

Saint Patrick’s Day weekend at The Home Ranch is looking extra special this year.  Renowned Celtic Fiddler Jessie Burns has toured the world sharing her passion for the Traditional Irish Music, but The Home Ranch has a special place in her heart.  Back in the 90’s while she was the program director for Strings on the Mountain in Steamboat Springs she moonlighted as a member of our very own Ranch Hand Band.   She is thrilled about the opportunity to share the Ranch with her family.  Who could know the former fiddle player for the Irish-American super group Gaelic Storm also loves a good Cowboy Campfire? Jessie Burns, a native of England, lived in Steamboat for five years as her introduction to life in Colorado. She fondly remembers weekly performances with the Ranch Hand String Band at The Home Ranch for many of those memorable years. She has an Irish father [...]

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Stopping by Home Ranch on a Day in Winter

Last week, the ranch hosted a group of friends that have been coming to enjoy the beauty of the ranch and camaraderie for 13 years.  One night at cocktails the following poem was read. It was created in the early hours of the morning. The writer, Ted Donnelly, was inspired by a number of Robert Frost quotes and poems he had recently read. I was so inspired by the words, that I wanted to share them with others. Enjoy, Selina   Stopping by Home Ranch on a Day in Winter With apologies to Robert Frost   Whose bright white trails I think I know He lives afar from subzero He will not mind my gliding skis Tracing lines upon his snow My gluteus now lives in fear That I will land upon my rear My legs are wobbly, spirits quake But Home Ranch dinner quells my fear Dixie gives the bells a [...]

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It’s a 3 Wire Winter

You are probably asking yourself, 'what is a 3 wire winter?' And no, you can't google it and find an easy definition, I tried! A 3 wire winter is when the snow is deep enough to cover all three wires of the barbed wire fences.   Local ranchers count the wires on their fences that are covered in snow to determine if it's a good snow year. With an average of over 300 inches of annual snowfall, three wire winters are pretty common in Steamboat Springs and the surrounding areas, but after last year's one wire winter we are all very excited to be experiencing an epic snow year.  This year Steamboat has already received close to 250 inches of snow. For the ranch this means pristine skiing on 30km of groomed cross country ski trails, access to endless acres of National Forest for backcountry skiing, snowshoe adventures to the top of [...]

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Happy Holidays

The winter season is upon us and The Home Ranch transforms to a snowy wonderland. As you read this winter storms are blanketing our Elk River Valley with Steamboat's famous Champagne Powder. The holiday spirit has our staff excited to reopen and celebrate Christmas and the New Year with old friends and new acquaintances. The lodge & cabins are aglow with decorations inside and out. Christmas goodies will be everywhere, champagne toasts, music, bonfires and fine food and drink will make for a memorable stay for all. Skiing on the ranch should be teh best ever. We've purchased a new Pisten Bully trail groomer to manicure our trails as never before. Our ski guide team s returning for the most part and the addition of another very experienced instructor to improve your skiing abilities. Sleigh rides, snowshoeing, tubing, dogsledding, hot-tubing and just wonderful dining, music and ambiance is the perfect [...]

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Countdown to Winter!

Our staff is beginning to arrive at the ranch this week. It is so much fun to meet them all and get the ranch ready for the winter.  Christmas lights are going up on the buildings, furniture is being moved around in the living room to make way for the tree and decorations, trail signs are being sprinkled around the meadows to direct guests on their winter adventures and the fishing hut is transforming into the skiing hut.  While we still have two weeks until we welcome our first guests, the ranch is at full speed. It's been a great off season full of relaxation, planning and projects. The maintenance crew has added new lights along the lane to the cabins and barn. The wranglers have set up a leather shop in the Rec. Room to make sure the saddles are in top condition for next summer.  The kitchen is trying out [...]

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Thank you & Welcome Home

As we prepare for Thanksgiving, we are reminded what we are grateful for. We are grateful for the land that we live, play and work on, the staff that we work with, the guests that we create relationships and memories with, and the vision the Stranahan’s had for this valley and continue to nurture. Over 35 years ago, Steve and Ann Stranahan discovered 580 acres of land north of Steamboat Springs, CO and upon it they built The Home Ranch. They have been welcoming families and friends to share their 'home' each winter, spring, summer and fall. In honor of the ranch's 35th year, we set out to capture a week at The Home Ranch. The ranch teamed up with Lunde Creative to figure out how to condense a week into two and half minutes. During this busy holiday time, we invite you to take a few minutes to escape to summer in [...]

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and the Oscar goes to…. our guests

We are so lucky to have guests that show the passion and love that you have for the ranch. The Home Ranch would not be what it is without you. For this reason, we would like to thank each of you for allowing us to film your family while you were on vacation and wanted to share what we created with you first! Thank you for sharing your 'Home' with the rest of the world. You are always Welcome Home.     Happy Holidays to you and yours, Clyde, Selina, and The Home Ranch family  

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How Many Pounds of Veggies?!

The 'off-season' at a dude ranch is always busy. From maintenance and construction projects to buying new horses to planning for the following season and year. On snowy days we are all driven inside to work on projects that we have put off for a 'rainy' day. Yesterday was just one of those days, when all of our desks were occupied and keyboards clacked. Our Master Gardner, Adele Carlson, was working on compiling data from the past growing season. I thought the data she shared with us was amazing and wanted to share it with you. Here's what Adele had to say about the gardens at Clyde's Farm and the Kitchen Garden: Sitting at my computer watching the snow fall today, I found time to look back on the summer and production in Clyde’s Farm and the Kitchen Garden. Our total production came in at 1909 pounds – that’s a [...]

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