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Spring in to Riding Season

In late March it can be hard to tell if it is Spring or Winter above 7,000 feet. Luckily our indoor arena allows us to ignore the elements as needed, so we can prepare our horses for the coming season. There are abundant opportunities for learning and Hands on Horsemanship for both experienced and aspiring horse people, as we work with young horses and help our more seasoned horses readjust from their winter rest to spring on the ranch. Mix in more typical snow activities of skiing, snow shoeing and sledding for a truly unique springtime experience. Join our wranglers March 20 - 25 as they begin to warm up our horses and freshen up their horsemanship skills after a relaxing winter. Rates for this week start at $765 for a lodge room and $945 for a cabin per night for double occupancy. Single occupancy rates are available. Your rate [...]

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The Home Ranch Round-Up 2017 – Results

It was a perfect day for a ski race. We would like to thank everyone that joined us for the Second Annual Home Ranch Round-Up. 45K Women - Glenda Lainis (3rd), Heather Gollnick (1st), Jennifer Grant (2nd) 45K Men - Shawn Scholl (3rd), Tyler Scholl (1st), Jeff Paulson (2nd) 15K Men- Chris Marcione (1st), Geoff Quinter (2nd), Dave Mark (3rd) 15K Women - Deborah Rose (1st - not pictured) Denise Snow (2nd) 7K Men - Benjamin King (1st), Charlie Thomas (2nd) 7K Women - Lillian Miller (1st), Paula Engel (2nd), Nora McKay (3rd)                   1K Kids - Jeremy Kline (1st), Petra Paulson (2nd)                           Find the full results here. We look forward to having you join [...]

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Want to get out of town for the holidays? Here are 5 places to go

Some like to stay home for the holidays and others like to travel. Whatever your preference, The Home Ranch was included as one of the five places to escape in the Lexington Herald Leader. Read the full story here: 5 places to go for the holidays

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7 Wonders of the Fishing World – – Tony Capecchi

From Ireland, to Scotland, not to forget the Florida Keys, Home Ranch is among good company in this article by Tony Capecchi for Outdoor Hub. Read all about them, but be sure and get all the way to the end of the article because Tony seems to have saved the best for last.

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Little Joe Tribute

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that our dear friend Joe Ontiveros (Little Joe) has passed on. Little Joe was a wrangler for the ranch for a number of years in the late '90s. We have begun to gather stories of his time here at the ranch to pass on to his family. Please pass on stories and pictures of how Little Joe touched your life in comments section of this blog or send them to Little Joe passed on peacefully while walking down a seldom used path in a park near his home in Arizona. This day he specifically told his beloved Elaine that he would be going for a " long walk." He knew it would be his last and Elaine sensed it as well. His heart just stopped "out on the trail." Only fitting that he died when being with Nature. He loved everyday here [...]

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Spring, aka Mud Season, has Arrived

As I write this the snow is still falling on the Elk River Valley - reminder that the winters here are long and deep with snow. Guests had the opportunity to experience a wonderland filled with enjoyment and snowy activity like nowhere else. We’ve captured the essence of this on a just released Winter Video. Check it out! This winter we hosted the inaugural Home Ranch Round-Up Nordic Race. It was a grueling 45K skate across our meadows and over hills deemed to be the most challenging race in the country. The elite racers loved it. We did offer a 15K and 7K for the more sane skiers. Due to its success and feedback from participants, the Round-Up will be an annual event in March, which will grow and attract racers from across the country. The event made for a fun and exciting weekend for our guests. Along with Easter also came the [...]

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A look back on The Home Ranch Round-Up

As a ski guide at The Home Ranch, there are 3 essentials. 1- The obvious is the ability to get around on any type of ski. 2- Then there is the obsession with the shoveling of immense amounts of snow. 3- But the most important trait is the possession of one good story. It is hard to compete with Lizzie and her tales of 150 days on the Pacific Crest Trail. Then there is ‘Captain’ Mike and his encyclopedia of knowledge on birds and Alaska. Mark of course can tell you everything there is to know about the North Routt backcountry, the Zirkels and every trail no matter the season. So, as the rookie guide this year, I was pretty intimidated and needed a good story. And that is how this race, The Home Ranch Round-Up came to be. It started as a story and the one I would tell [...]

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Jessie Burns – St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

Saint Patrick’s Day weekend at The Home Ranch is looking extra special this year.  Renowned Celtic Fiddler Jessie Burns has toured the world sharing her passion for the Traditional Irish Music, but The Home Ranch has a special place in her heart.  Back in the 90’s while she was the program director for Strings on the Mountain in Steamboat Springs she moonlighted as a member of our very own Ranch Hand Band.   She is thrilled about the opportunity to share the Ranch with her family.  Who could know the former fiddle player for the Irish-American super group Gaelic Storm also loves a good Cowboy Campfire? Jessie Burns, a native of England, lived in Steamboat for five years as her introduction to life in Colorado. She fondly remembers weekly performances with the Ranch Hand String Band at The Home Ranch for many of those memorable years. She has an Irish father [...]

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Stopping by Home Ranch on a Day in Winter

Last week, the ranch hosted a group of friends that have been coming to enjoy the beauty of the ranch and camaraderie for 13 years.  One night at cocktails the following poem was read. It was created in the early hours of the morning. The writer, Ted Donnelly, was inspired by a number of Robert Frost quotes and poems he had recently read. I was so inspired by the words, that I wanted to share them with others. Enjoy, Selina   Stopping by Home Ranch on a Day in Winter With apologies to Robert Frost   Whose bright white trails I think I know He lives afar from subzero He will not mind my gliding skis Tracing lines upon his snow My gluteus now lives in fear That I will land upon my rear My legs are wobbly, spirits quake But Home Ranch dinner quells my fear Dixie gives the bells a [...]

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