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Remembering Stephen Stranahan

Stephen Stranahan 1934-2019 When Steve and Ann Stranahan first came to Clark they found an unspoiled alpine ranching community a short distance, yet a world away, from Steamboat Springs. It was a three-wire winter and that first encounter with the land that would become the Home Ranch is memorably described in Ann's poem, Inspecting the Property ...We skimmed white meadows that might grow our hay, flew over fences that would keep the cows out, slid down the creek to consider the trout, caught in a wide net of ice. Over 41 years not too much has changed. Those skimmed white meadows became the Home Ranch, of course. The road into Clark is a little better, and for that, the distance to town may seem a little shorter. Yet, for many of us, the noisiness of a world outside of Clark reliably begins to quiet on the drive up from town. [...]

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2019 Home Ranch Round-Up

The Home Ranch Round-Up Nordic Race March 2, 2019 We are excited to announce the date for the 4th Annual Home Ranch Round-Up Nordic Race. This year the proceeds for the race will benefit North Routt Community Charter School and North Routt Preschool. The Home Ranch offers a unique and challenging network of groomed cross country ski trails meandering through aspen groves, steep hills and open meadows where horses graze in the summer months. The 7K course will be groomed for Classic and Skate, the 20K and 40K course will be groomed for Skate only. For the younger members in your family, we will be offering a ‘Fun’K race. Come experience world class skiing in the beautiful Elk River Valley. Registration & Entry Fees Pre-registration must be completed online. 40K - $65.00 (Juniors $30.00) Skate 20K - $55.00 (Juniors $30.00) Skate 7K - $25.00 (Juniors $15.00) Skate & Classic FunK - Free Registration on [...]

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Kick off your Summer with Clint Weaver

What better way to start the summer season than to spend a week focusing on improving your horsemanship This year we are excited to have accomplished horseman Clint Weaver and his family join us to facilitate a week of fun learning with horses June 5 - 8, 2018. Time spent focusing on fundamentals will be balanced with plenty of trail riding, cow working and exploring, as we apply what we have learned. Clint enjoys working with diverse groups, with a wide range of riding abilities, and approaches each horse and rider as an individual with their own needs and abilities. Clint is originally from Mississippi, but found his way out West and for the last two decades has developed his passion with horses. “Clint believes the best way to advance one’s horsemanship is to slow down and focus on the foundation. He has learned to break down “the pieces” of horsemanship, [...]

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Spring in to Riding Season

In late March it can be hard to tell if it is Spring or Winter above 7,000 feet. Luckily our indoor arena allows us to ignore the elements as needed, so we can prepare our horses for the coming season. There are abundant opportunities for learning and Hands on Horsemanship for both experienced and aspiring horse people, as we work with young horses and help our more seasoned horses readjust from their winter rest to spring on the ranch. Mix in more typical snow activities of skiing, snow shoeing and sledding for a truly unique springtime experience. Join our wranglers March 20 - 25 as they begin to warm up our horses and freshen up their horsemanship skills after a relaxing winter. Rates for this week start at $765 for a lodge room and $945 for a cabin per night for double occupancy. Single occupancy rates are available. Your rate [...]

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The Home Ranch Round-Up 2017 – Results

It was a perfect day for a ski race. We would like to thank everyone that joined us for the Second Annual Home Ranch Round-Up. 45K Women - Glenda Lainis (3rd), Heather Gollnick (1st), Jennifer Grant (2nd) 45K Men - Shawn Scholl (3rd), Tyler Scholl (1st), Jeff Paulson (2nd) 15K Men- Chris Marcione (1st), Geoff Quinter (2nd), Dave Mark (3rd) 15K Women - Deborah Rose (1st - not pictured) Denise Snow (2nd) 7K Men - Benjamin King (1st), Charlie Thomas (2nd) 7K Women - Lillian Miller (1st), Paula Engel (2nd), Nora McKay (3rd)                   1K Kids - Jeremy Kline (1st), Petra Paulson (2nd)                           Find the full results here. We look forward to having you join [...]

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Want to get out of town for the holidays? Here are 5 places to go

Some like to stay home for the holidays and others like to travel. Whatever your preference, The Home Ranch was included as one of the five places to escape in the Lexington Herald Leader. Read the full story here: 5 places to go for the holidays

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7 Wonders of the Fishing World – – Tony Capecchi

From Ireland, to Scotland, not to forget the Florida Keys, Home Ranch is among good company in this article by Tony Capecchi for Outdoor Hub. Read all about them, but be sure and get all the way to the end of the article because Tony seems to have saved the best for last.

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Little Joe Tribute

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that our dear friend Joe Ontiveros (Little Joe) has passed on. Little Joe was a wrangler for the ranch for a number of years in the late '90s. We have begun to gather stories of his time here at the ranch to pass on to his family. Please pass on stories and pictures of how Little Joe touched your life in comments section of this blog or send them to Little Joe passed on peacefully while walking down a seldom used path in a park near his home in Arizona. This day he specifically told his beloved Elaine that he would be going for a " long walk." He knew it would be his last and Elaine sensed it as well. His heart just stopped "out on the trail." Only fitting that he died when being with Nature. He loved everyday here [...]

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