Poncho the Miniature Burro Celebrates 35 Years

Poncho the Miniature Burro Celebrates 35 Years 2017-12-28T11:23:39+00:00

Poncho The Home Ranch Burro

Turns 35 this year! Save the date: August 26, 2017

It's not every day you come across a miniature burro celebrating a birthday!  Poncho, our beloved Home Ranch character has more than his age going for him.  He's an irritable yet beloved guy, an ambassador of good will, the shortest hooved critter in the herd with the biggest personality.  


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We heard a rumor (probably started by Poncho) that he's looking forward to getting birthday cards from the kids who have been guests. And he would like to hear any stories guests might have to share.  Send them to:   info@homeranch.com

We'll publish them here!

Birthday festivities:

 Events all week-long:

  • Poncho Stories shared by one and all
  • Photo sessions with Poncho - if you don't have your own photo with him, now is your chance (it might be valuable someday)
  • Alfalfa birthday cake for Poncho to share with his horsey friends. Regular cake for human friends.
  • Party hats, balloons, songs, games and prizes for kids!
  • Poncho Ballad to be sung by resident Head Wrangler and Musician/Songwriter Michael Moon 


Poncho – What does a Miniature Burro do at The Home Ranch?

When guests return to the ranch, their first question is, "How's Poncho?" Poncho's duties are varied but mostly his job is to meet and greet the guests, pose for photos and entertain the kids. He takes himself seriously and so do we. Occasionally he tattle-tales on the big horses with a big loud bray when they escape through a hole in the fence.  

Don't ask him to haul anything, don't get on him or you'll regret it, and although he puts up with short jokes he'd rather you just tell him he's handsome.