Sleigh Rides at our Colorado Dude Ranch Resort

Sleigh Rides are a favorite guest activity at The Home Ranch.  Few western ranches actually feed stock with a horse team in this day and age and even fewer allow guests along for the ride. Our draft team has been trained for this very activity and most guests love the thrill of it.  The horse herd will be glad to see you and they follow along, sleigh bells ring, beautiful views.

But don’t wait until too late in the week to do it, guests end up wishing they’d done it every morning!


Sleigh Ride Photo Cabellas shoot image

Cabelas did their winter photo shoot at the Home Ranch in 2017.  They used this shot for their catalog.  Wrangler and team handler, Harrison Moore, said he  was pretty happy to be famous for a while.

Horse Team Action Home Ranch image
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