Our Family Touchstone

Our week at The Home Ranch is more than just a family vacation: it has become a tradition we each look forward to all year.” -Pam Clayson

“What began as a birthday celebration trip in ’05 is now, 7 years later, a time of reaffirming our family relationships and values, of reconnecting with treasured friends from around the country (even the world), and of course experiencing the spectacular countryside. Whether the sport is riding, fishing, mountain climbing, or hiking, everyone has his favorite activity. And for all, the highlight is gathering around the extraordinary gourmet feasts.

Our summer week is so special that we returned last year for Christmas to experience winter at the ranch and we were not disappointed. It was magical! We will long remember dogsledding around the brilliant, pristine snowy mountains on Christmas-eve afternoon. Now we are all anticipating our reunion next summer. The minute we drive up the long drive, I am filled with peace and expectation because I have come back to my Home-Away-from-Home.

It was a pleasure for me to write this because it brought to mind all the special things I love about the ranch. What I didn’t include because I wanted to focus on the experience, not the personal, is how much all the people there mean to me, and the rest of us.

It is all of you …and Steve and Ann Stranahan from the invisible sidelines…who make the ranch so special. Now, how can I possibly wait for next summer to roll around?”