When we welcomed our first guests to The Home Ranch in a frigid December of 1980, our goal was to keep them warm, feed them well and make them welcome in the new venture we’d begun in this remote and snowy valley of Northwest Colorado. The activities that first winter included Nordic Skiing, followed closely by eating, and then sleeping. It was a modest formula for success. But the skiing was sublime, the food was delicious and the sleeping came easy.

Over the ensuing 40 years we would welcome many new friends to The Home Ranch — and many of you would become old friends too — in what might just be one of the happiest accidents of hospitality that a family could have ever lucked into. Over that time the simple concept of guest ranching has gone through many changes, but the core values that Steve and Ann brought to this endeavor have not: we sought always to make each new guest feel like an old one, easily at home in this quiet corner of the Continental Divide. And, we sought always to remain true to those friends who, throughout the years, entrusted their time to us.

With that as our mission, we have benefited enormously from a superb roster of helpers: managers, caretakers, housekeepers, ski guides, hiking guides, fishing guides, chefs, sous-chefs, pastry chefs, wranglers, gardeners, kids’ wranglers, therapists and a skilled maintenance crew, always behind the scenes keeping things running. Managers Ken, Johnny, Selina and Michael, chefs Clyde, Craig and Jonathon, Kelly, Davey, Randy Kelly,┬áRandy Hart,┬áBob Shaffer, Elana, Dawn, Mike Braal, Leslie, Mark, Greg Brown, Greg Creamer, Adele, Tim and Barb, Casey and Laura, Little Joe, Lindsey, Taylor, Eric, Caleb, Alec — and this is only the beginning of the long list of names who have been the face and heart of The Home Ranch, and whose talents, warmth, and hospitality made the ranch unique. In and out of every season they kept our aim true and allowed us as a family to feel the great good fortune and gratitude of opening our doors to you our many guests over these 40 years. It has been an immense privilege for us to welcome you here. And now it is time for us to say farewell.

As a family we will continue to have a presence in the Elk River Valley, where we look forward to having more time to be with our old friends and to making new ones. Among these, we particularly want to welcome Scott and Janet McFarlane and their daughters Kyle and Courtney, the new owners of The Home Ranch. The McFarlane’s have deep ties to Colorado and its ranching traditions. They have shown a genuine interest in the community of Clark and the legacy of conservation in the valley. We feel very fortunate, and know that you will join us, as we welcome the McFarlane family as new neighbors in the Elk River Valley community.