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Meet Courtney Lynn, Master Gardener at The Home Ranch

Master Gardener at The Home Ranch in Colorado, Courtney Lynn has had a long and colorful journey on her way to our Colorado luxury resort. If there is anyone who truly appreciates seeing fresh ingredients make their own journey from seed to fork, it would be Courtney. Her skills in horticulture are only matched by her love of food, not just how it tastes but where it comes from. Learn a little more about how Courtney Lynn makes the food and garden experience at The Home Ranch so immersive.

The Home Ranch’s Master Gardener’s Roots

A graduate from the University of Kansas with a degree in Environmental Science, Courtney Lynn first discovered her passion for all things grown when she took a summer job working on a vegetable and cattle farm. Even then, she was exposed to ideas that would steer her in a direction where quality over quantity meant something to the producers. This was an ideal place to start her career.

From there, Courtney went on to Oregon State where she got her Masters in Forest Environment and Ecosystems. She has a breadth of knowledge on the interconnectivity of the planet and how important sustainability and biodiversity are. Gardening was always a hobby for Courtney, but with education, hard work, and passion, she would turn this hobby into a career at our Colorado guest ranch.

Courtney Lynn

A Sprouting Career

With a wealth of experience backing her, Courtney took a position working in Oregon for the Siuslaw National Forest with the Grant Writing and Stewardship program. The Siuslaw National Forest is made up of a wide variety of ecosystems, ranging from coastal forests to sand dunes. Courtney continued to gain experience and grasp the bigger picture of nature and conservation that she carries on at our Colorado luxury resort today.

At Home at Our Colorado Guest Ranch

In winter of 2019, Courtney moved to Clark, Colorado with her husband, Cody. This small and sparsely populated but thriving ranching community is surrounded by roadless and untouched lands, totaling roughly one million acres. Courtney is living in a scene from an epic western, surrounded by everything she loves. At home, she has her husband, Cody, her dog, Kamza, and her two cats named Ichabod and Cream. In Courtney’s free time, she finds herself enjoying backpacking, reading, and exploring the Elk River Valley near our Colorado luxury resort.

The Call of Cultivation at The Home Ranch in Colorado

It is in Clark, Colorado where Courtney would find her professional home as well. As Master Gardener at The Home Ranch, Courtney cultivates crops that make for the finest ingredients in the upscale all inclusive culinary program at our Colorado luxury resort.

Courtney oversees the planting and production of exceptional vegetables and herbs that then become exquisite dishes from Chef Jonathan Gillespie for the ranch resort’s all inclusive foodie vacations. Everything in the gardens at our Colorado guest ranch is carefully planned and raised with unyielding attention to detail. Courtney has the unique challenge of producing outstanding ingredients not just in the favorable 60-day season but year-round, using the ranch’s kitchen gardens and greenhouses.

When asked what was most thrilling about being the Master Gardener for our Colorado mountain lodge, Courtney had this to say:

“I am most excited to promote more biodiversity in our crop selection and consequently cultivate a wide array of flavors for the kitchen to use directly from the garden. With this in mind, I am looking forward to seeing how we can extend the growing season with the microclimates of the greenhouse, kitchen garden, and Clyde’s farm.”

The Home Ranch is just as delighted to have someone like Courtney Lynn for Master Gardener as guests are by the food that comes out of our gardens.

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