two cowboys in areanaWe are excited to welcome accomplished horseman Clint Weaver and his family back to The Home Ranch June 23 – 30, 2019. This is an opportunity to join us to facilitate a week of fun learning with horses. Time spent focusing on fundamentals will be balanced with plenty of trail riding, cow working and exploring, as we apply what we have learned. Clint enjoys working with diverse groups, with a wide range of riding abilities, and approaches each horse and rider as an individual with their own needs and abilities.

Clint is originally from Mississippi, but found his way out West and for the last two decades has developed his passion with horses. “Clint believes the best way to advance one’s horsemanship is to slow down and focus on the foundation. He has learned to break down “the pieces” of horsemanship, work on them separately, then weave them back together. His approach to horsemanship forms a bridge between technique and timing and feel. He has gained understanding from riding the “tough ones” and feels called to help people with their horses and share what he continues to learn along the way.”

In addition to improving your horsemanship, we will also offer hiking, Orvis endorsed fly fishing, guided mountain biking, children and teen programs, and evening entertainment. This is a week where everyone in the family can find something they enjoy.

To learn more about this week or book, please call 970-879-1780, or book online.


“There is an aphorism in Natural Horsemanship circles that dates all the way back to the Dorrances and goes something like this: “Look for the smallest change or the slightest try in your horse.”  If you release then, you are rewarded with lightness. Pressure motivates, release educates. Now in any clinic in horsemanship there is a bit of pressure. But in Clint Weaver’s Clinic it is all about release. We all know there are many experts who teach this and thereby advocate for the horse. Clint knows this, but does something different and ultimately more effective: He looks for the smallest change and the slightest try in the human! And when he sees it, the rider in his clinic is rewarded with the praise of a seasoned but sensitive clinician: “Perfect! Excellent! Enjoy the ride!” This is the release that makes better horseman of us all. Clint is a kind man who knows his horsemanship. But he is looking out for the human, and that is what makes him special. Check it out.” – Larry

“I have been asking for months if Clint Weaver would be returning to do a clinic at The Home Ranch, and was so excited to hear that he and his lovely family will be returning this spring. I took Clint’s clinic here last year, and loved and learned so much. Somehow Clint was able to mix nervous beginners and experienced horsemen, neighbors, and wranglers, and make it all work seamlessly and learn from one another. I have worked with many wonderful clinicians, who all had something to teach, but Clint does it with kindness to both horses and humans, and with obvious joy in the accomplishments of his students. No fear, no embarrassment, just camaraderie with fellow students on the journey, in the loveliest of settings. We all lived to hear Clint say, « enjoy the ride, enjoy the ride, enjoy the ride! » I’ve had many wonderful weeks at The Home Ranch, but this counted among the very best.” – Sharon