Stephen Stranahan

Stephen Stranahan 1934-2019

When Steve and Ann Stranahan first came to Clark they found an unspoiled alpine ranching community a short distance, yet a world away, from Steamboat Springs. It was a three-wire winter and that first encounter with the land that would become the Home Ranch is memorably described in Ann’s poem, Inspecting the Property

…We skimmed white meadows that might grow our hay,
flew over fences that would keep the cows out,
slid down the creek to consider the
trout, caught in a wide net of ice.

Over 41 years not too much has changed. Those skimmed white meadows became the Home Ranch, of course. The road into Clark is a little better, and for that, the distance to town may seem a little shorter. Yet, for many of us, the noisiness of a world outside of Clark reliably begins to quiet on the drive up from town. Astride the road, green fields still support our local Angus and, later in July, the tranquil bales of hay that will sustain them through winter. The Clark Store remains a welcoming waypoint for the many who make the drive here, and a welcome place to gather for those who live here.

Through the years there has been one major change: The rural landscape that so captured Steve and Ann, and that has captivated so many of our guests and friends, has been preserved for future generations to enjoy much as they have. Partnering with neighbors like Jay and Gail Fetcher, Mary Moser, the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association and many others, Steve helped foster a legacy of conservation in North Routt County that will preserve the character of this special valley for many years. It was a quiet, diligent accomplishment – one that required a long-term vision and also the perseverance to see it through. Not surprisingly, these attributes came naturally to Steve, and are very much a reflection of that amiable man. Thoughtful, determined, and generous by nature, Steve possessed an easy humor and will be remembered as a friend to the many who knew him.

Stephen Stranahan left us this winter. He died peacefully and with dignity at home on the evening of January 7th, 2019. He was 84. We will celebrate his life on June 8th, 10:30am,  in Clark. We will remember him long after.