While coming in on the morning wrangle this spring Clyde the horse passed on to greener pastures.Clyde & Vincent

Many of our Home Ranch horses have profoundly affected the experiences of our guests and wranglers, but like his namesake “Clyde the Chef” “Clyde the Horse” embodied The Home Ranch experience during his 23 years in the Elk River Valley.

Clyde was born in South Dakota, but came to the Home Ranch early in the summer of 1993, before he was even weaned, with a shipment of broodmares purchased by Tim and Barb Assmann.  I can still remember Tim unloading this group of nearly wild, but beautiful mares with foals by their sides.  Clyde’s Blue Roan coat and gentle temperament soon set him apart.  Like all young horses his early years under saddle were with experienced wranglers, but over the years it became apparent that his true calling would be to care for the least experienced and most timid of riders.  Though he had plenty of spunk when he needed it, Clyde never missed a step as he built the confidence and enjoyment of riders young and old.

Clyde spent most of the last few years with a child on his back, stealing the occasional bite of grass he carried them through the ranch.  He was much requested by many returning kids and over the last few years it could be hard to explain that Clyde was slowing down a bit while they were now ready for a horse that was a little more spirited.

So for all of you who had the pleasure of knowing Clyde over the years, shed a tear and smile.  He lived long and well and was a friend to many.

Michael Moon