If this is your first or 20th time to The Home Ranch, we have come up with 7 things for you to do before coming up to Clark for your vacation. While we plan to get ready for the summer and your stay, here are some things you can do to get ready for your Dude Ranch Vacation.


  1. Boots, Boots, Boots! Riding in hiking boots is just not as much fun and when you can get a couple a pair- even better! Trust me you will thank me for this even on Monday morning! (See number 7)
home ranch hr-137

Or you can kick up and relax on the back deck


  1. It’s sunny up here in the mountains so not only will you need a hat to protect you from the powerful Colorado sun, but you need to fit into that John Wayne movie, too. (Love The Duke? Check out the selection of hats at FM Light and Sons on your way to through Steamboat Springs.) Once you’re at the ranch grab a stampede string from the Gift Shop to make sure it stays on your head, and not in your partners lap.

Think of all the sun blocking power of that hat!


  1. You might want to put an extra hour or two in at the gym before you come in preparation for all the gourmet meals and snacks that are served. Chefs Clyde and Craig use the freshest and finest ingredients to create each meal. There are many different selections each day and you’ll want to try each one. As a Relais & Chateaux property, we pride ourselves in providing an exceptional culinary experience for all ages. We should also mention that there is a bottomless cookie jar in your cabin.


  1. Want to experience a little more western hospitality? Spend an extra night or two before or after your stay in nearby Steamboat Springs. Not only can you start or finish Number 1 you can enjoy this amazing little town. Here are some ideas:


  1. Horse time! Haven’t been in the saddle in a number of years or ever?
    Take a lesson or get some time in the saddle. AKA get that Gluteus Maximus ready for some great rides in the Routt National Forest.


  1. Drink a lots of water and hold off on over indulging in the wines from our wine list of more than 100 wines for a couple nights. We sit at 7,200 feet and some guests get a little dry. Make sure to up your water intake before you arrive, your head will love you for this.


  1. Let’s go Boot Scootin’! Dust off those boots, or scuff up your new ones, and prepare to dance the night away at the Barn Dance. Turn on some country music, check out the latest line dances and have a dance party in your kitchen.

    Barn Dance

    Barn Dance

Good luck on your to do list for this spring and early summer! Need help planning or have questions, remember we are just a phone call or email away. We cannot wait to have y’all here this summer to show off our dancing moves and the farm!