Our horse herd has just moved (stampeded) to greener pastures. A sure sign on The Ranch that Spring is here. We are busy gearing up to welcome you to a season of fun, exciting, and rewarding activities; great food; good friends; relaxation and enjoyment of this beautiful and special Elk River Valley.

We kick-off season with our new Ranch Work Week. Get your hands dirty and be involved as we prepare the ranch for the Summer. You’ll be trail-clearing, fence-mending, horse riding, calf branding and vegetable planting. We’ll top it off with delicious chow, music playing, and story-telling with old friends.

We’re pleased to bring on Mike Moon as our Director of the Horse Program and Land Stewardship. You will be imSand Mountain Cattle Brandingpressed with his knowledge and experience and be rewarded by new ideas and activities centered around the horses.

Our Farm Kitchen will be featured in our Culinary Program and you all will reap the rewards and pleasures of succulent food prepared on our Argentine Grills or baked in the wood-fired oven. Several meals and events will take place there weekly.

There’s no better setting for your vacation. We look forward to seeing you.

Warm Wishes,