In Celebration of “Clyde the Horse”

While coming in on the morning wrangle this spring Clyde the horse passed on to greener pastures. Many of our Home Ranch horses have profoundly affected the experiences of our guests and wranglers, but like his namesake “Clyde the Chef” “Clyde the Horse” embodied The Home Ranch experience during his 23 years in the Elk River Valley. Clyde was born in South Dakota, but came to the Home Ranch early in the summer of 1993, before he was even weaned, with a shipment of broodmares purchased by Tim and Barb Assmann.  I can still remember Tim unloading this group of nearly wild, but beautiful mares with foals by their sides.  Clyde’s Blue Roan coat and gentle temperament soon set him apart.  Like all young horses his early years under saddle were with experienced wranglers, but over the years it became apparent that his true calling would be to care for [...]

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Weanling Weeks- Tormenta

Each year The Home Ranch offers guests a week long experience during which they learn to lead Canadian Sport Horse weanlings that are 5 months old. At the week’s end, there is a horse sale of the weanlings open to all. This year The Home Ranch has two horse sales, September 13th & 20th. Tormenta     Tormenta By: Alec Nelson   I bought Tormenta as a yearling at The Home Ranch’s 2011 Canadian sport horse sale. Her sire is Ice Caper (Thoroughbred) and her dam is Buck’s Gal (Quarter Horse/Percheron). From the get-go she was a good-looking bay filly that seemed to have a respectful awareness of her surroundings. She was very alert and her survival instinct was strong, but not to the point that she was overly skittish; her trust Alec on Tormenta could be earned and she had a brave curiosity. When Tormenta was [...]

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Meet The Herd: Here’s Frisco!

Frisco Frisco has been an excellent guest horse for The Home Ranch over the years. He is a smart, reliable horse that wranglers love to use for roping steers. Because of his steady mind, horse trainer Alec Nelson and former head wrangler Kelly Carlson used him on several occasions this winter for help in starting the Home Ranch colts. A solid saddle horse can be an important assistant in giving a young colt or filly a sense of security for his first couple times under saddle in the round pen. With Kelly on Frisco, Alec was able to get off to a good start on the backs of a couple of our 2 year-olds this winter.  Come ride Frisco on your next horseback riding vacation to The Home Ranch!

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