Inside the Kitchen- Janice’s Watermelon Tourmaline Sorbet

Janice Baxter our Yogi of our “Experience Yoga and Horses Retreat” remembered that our now back (after nine years) Pastry Chef, Douglas made this desert. She loved it so much she even bought a Watermelon Tourmaline Necklace in honor of the sorbet. In honor of Janice and her necklace, The Home Ranch Kitchen presents this recipe for your making as well. Enjoy!         Janice’s Watermelon Tourmaline Sorbet    Honeydew Sorbet 1 ½ cups Honeydew puree 3 Cups Simple Syrup ½ cup Midori   Watermelon Sorbet 1 ½ cups watermelon puree 3 cups Simple Syrup 1 Tablespoon fresh … Continued

Why We Work at The Home Ranch- Andrea

So the tables have turned, and since Andrea has been asking, and will continue to ask, staff “Why do you work at the Home Ranch?” I realized she should introduce herself and I also wanted to know why she choose to apply at the ranch this winter. She has been a great addition to our team and is looking forward to her first summer at the ranch. Here is a little bit about Andrea, how she found our Colorado Dude Ranch and why she has decided to stick around! I’m looking forward to another amazing season here at the ranch … Continued

Samoa Badge of Courage- Inside The Kitchen

  The Home Ranch was asked if they would participate in this year’s Cocktails & Cookie Creations for the Routt County Girl Scouts. This is the second year for the event, which asks local chefs to create one-of-a-kind savory appetizers with Girl Scout Cookies. The Home Ranch chefs picked the Samoa cookie because of the chocolate and coconut favors.   This year’s event is to send some of the 170 Rout County girls out of the 15 troops in Steamboat Springs and 5 troops in Hayden to different events. Last year, they went to science camp and this year they … Continued

Why We Work at The Home Ranch- Abby

Guests will often ask staff how they found out about The Home Ranch and why they picked it over other ranches.   Abby Draper is one of our servers in the dining room. She came to The Home Ranch last winter and decided to come back for another season, this time “to see the green, flowers, and Colorado in summer,” Abby said.   As a staff, we love Abby for her bubbling energy and humor; we can always count on her to brighten up our day. She became an amazing snow bunny in February, as she tested herself to play … Continued

Why We Work at The Home Ranch-Mark

Learning from Andy, Guests will often ask staff how they found out about The Home Ranch and why they chose it over other dude ranches.  Mark Colvin is one of our behind the scenes managers.  He is not only the ‘numbers man’, but also the Director of Human Resources.  Mark joined The Home Ranch team mid summer in 2012.  In his free time he is on the golf course or shredding the slopes on his snowboard. He is an elder at his church in Denver and volunteers at The Gathering Place, Denver’s largest day-shelter for homeless women and children.  He is … Continued

Why We Work at The Home Ranch- Andy

Guests will often ask staff how they found out about The Home Ranch and why they chose it over other dude ranches. We asked our staff the same questions last month and would like to share their responses with you. Whether you have been to our beautiful Colorado dude ranch in the past or are still looking forward to your first visit to The Home Ranch, we hope you will enjoy getting to know our staff a little before your visit. If you have been to the ranch in the last couple years you will have met Andy; he has … Continued